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Raised period

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Raising period refers to the bank's wealth management products from the sale to the end of this period of sale.
Raised periodRefers toBank financial productsFrom the sale to the sale of this period of time. After the sale if the amount raised to reach the bankFinancial productThe minimum requirements, then this product began to operate. During the offering period, investors have the right to redeem the bank they boughtMoney managementproduct. The principal of the fundraising period is current interest. The longer the fundraising period, the longer the funds will be idle on the account and the greater the impact on the actual rate of return.

Buy a product carefully look at the recruitment period
[Real case] Investor Miss Zhang made a similar mistake. Recently, the stock market is not good, she will withdraw part of the funds ready for investment. Some banks launched the annualized yield of 5.0%, the investment period of 42 days of financial products. Miss Zhang a total, think than the savings, so I bought a 50,000 yuan of financial products. Yesterday, Miss Zhang to the bank, by the way to ask for a moment, she was surprised to find that the interest-bearing period of their financial products is actually not from the day she purchased from the beginning. Miss Zhang is very puzzled.
The average bank sales of wealth management products are raised from the beginning (investors from the beginning of the purchase of products to start calculating the time between investment returns) began the day after the end of the interest. During the product offering period, the funds to buy wealth management products can only be counted as demand deposits. To Miss Zhang, for example, her purchase of wealth management products deadline for the November 27, interest-bearing from the November 28 start. Miss Zhang time of purchase is November 25, that is, the middle of three days Miss Zhang's funds can only be counted as demand deposits, after November 28, in accordance with the expected return on financial products to calculate.
Raising period has a greater impact on the earnings of wealth management products. Investors in the purchase of financial products, in addition to the expected rate of return of products, but also the time costs should be included in the recruitment period, so the actual expected rate of return of the product is more objective. At the same time, investors can use the good raising period. Investors who temporarily impulse purchases may cancel their purchases and withdraw funds during this period, losing only a small amount of current interest.

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