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Recruitment period

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The recruitment period refers to the period from the release of the bank wealth management product to the end of the sale.
Recruitment periodIt refers to the period from the release of the bank wealth management products to the end of the sale. If the amount raised after the sale ends meets the minimum requirements for bank wealth management products, then the product will start to operate. During the collection period, the investor has the right to redeem the purchased bank wealth management products. The principal of the collection period is the current interest. The longer the recruitment period, the longer the funds will be idle on the account, and the greater the impact on the actual rate of return.

Buy wealth management products, take a closer look at the recruitment period
[Real Case] ​​Investor Miss Zhang made a similar mistake. Recently, the stock market is not good, she has withdrawn some of her funds and is ready to invest. Some banks have introduced wealth management products with an annualized rate of return of 5.0% and an investment period of 42 days. Miss Zhang, in total, felt that it was more cost-effective than deposits, so she bought 50,000 yuan of wealth management products. Yesterday, Miss Zhang went to the bank to do things. By the way, she asked about it. As a result, she was surprised to find that the interest period of her wealth management products was not counted from the day she bought it. Miss Zhang is very puzzled.
The wealth management products sold by the general bank are all on the second day after the end of the recruitment period (the time between the investor's purchase and the start of the calculation of the investment income). During the product collection period, funds for purchasing wealth management products can only be counted as demand deposits. Take Miss Zhang as an example. The deadline for the collection of wealth management products she purchased was November 27, and the interest-bearing date began on November 28. Miss Zhang’s purchase time is November 25th. That is to say, Miss Zhang’s funds in the middle of the three days can only be counted as demand deposits. After November 28th, it can be calculated according to the expected rate of return of wealth management products.
The recruitment period has a greater impact on the income of wealth management products. When purchasing financial products, investors should calculate the time cost of the collection period in addition to the expected rate of return of the product, so that the actual expected rate of return of the product obtained is more objective. At the same time, investors can use a good collection period. Investors who are impulsively buying may cancel their purchases during this period and recover the funds. The loss is only a small amount of current interest.

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