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Product term

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The product term is the product's revenue period, which is the number of days from the date of interest payment to the expiration date, which is usually indicated in the product specification in days, months and years.
Product termThis is the product's revenue period, which is the number of days between the date of interest and the date of maturity. It is generally stated in the product specification in days, months, and years. To pay special attention isFinancial productThe expiration date does not equal the date on which the investor’s funds arrive, and the arrival date is generally the second after the due date.Up to 3 working days (excluding rest days), due date and arrival dateFinancial managementFunds do not interest.

AnyBank financial productsAt the time of issue, a deadline will be set. At present, most of the financial products issued by banks are relatively short, but there are also foreign banks that have introduced a term of 5~6 years of financial products. When investing in long-term wealth management products, investors also need to pay attention to macroeconomic trends and have a general judgment on such indicators as interest rates, to avoid losses caused by fluctuations in interest rates, or difficulties in liquidity.

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