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Comparison of Banking Finance and Internet Financing Advantages

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year 2013,Balance, Such as Internet banking and other financial products meteoric rise, the purchase of Internet financial products become a hot financial way. So, compared to the bank financial products, Internet banking products have what advantage? Here we compare several aspects of the next

In the past 2013, the balance of Po, such as money and payInternet FinanceProduct sudden emergence, the purchase of the InternetFinancial productBecome a hot financial way. Well, compared toBank financial productsWhat are the advantages of Internet banking products? Here we compare several aspects of bank financial products and Internet financial products.


Bank financial products have a certain investment period, liquidity is not high.

Internet financial products are highly mobile, you can do T +0 transactions.

Investment income

Bank financial products: the current market, the mainstream varieties of the annual rate of return in the 4% -5% level range, some linked to the type of structured financial products or higher income (but the risk is relatively large).

Internet financial products: the current 7-year rate of return on the meaning of 4%, compared to bank financial products, the greater volatility of the market, in the extreme market conditions, the net value of the fund may also be a greater deviation.

investment risk

Bank financial products, most of the currency bond products, the risk is relatively low, some products are guaranteed, are stable products (structural products, high investment risk, zero income or negative risk).

Internet investment products, its investment characteristics of investors in the enjoyment of Internet financial convenience, but also faced with additional network security risks.

Investment threshold

Bank financial products investment threshold is higher, starting from the amount of 50,000 yuan.

Internet financial products investment threshold is low, up to 1 yuan from the vote.

Suitable for the crowd

Bank financial products for risk tolerance is relatively low in the elderly investors.

Internet financial products for high risk appetite, skilled use of Internet tools, and high liquidity requirements of the young investors in the group.

Other functions

Bank financial products only have investment attributes.

Internet financial products in addition to the investment properties, but also with the account assets recharge, online shopping payments, credit repayment, transfer and other applications.

From a specific investment point of view, the current network of financial products and financial products compared to banks, although there are alternative to the trend of bank savings, but the two different positioning, the direction of the investor population is also different. Investors need to understand the demand, on-demand investment.

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