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Million gains

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The return on income means that the average daily return of a Monetary Fund should be spread over each share and then be measured and compared on the basis of 10,000.
Million gainsRefers to the average daily income from the operation of the Monetary Fund to each share, and then 1Ten thousand copies as a benchmark for measurement and comparison. It is the actual daily gain accruing to the investor's account on a daily basis.

Formula: The day earnings =(Account funds / 10000) * million copies of the day gains.

For example, bought 20000Yuan Monetary Fund, the day of every million copies of 1.1907 yuan, then the day's actual return is (20000/10000) * 1.1907 = 2.3814 yuan.
The calculation of the returns of 10,000 copies is usually a day, and will accumulate in the case of holidays. Revenue defaults to reinvestment, which means investment will increase.

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