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Cash treasure

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Cash Campbell is a good savings account launched by Huitianfu Fund in June 2009.

Cash treasureYesHuitianfu FundThe company launched a good savings account in June 2009. Cash Camp has nine functions, namely to enhance the benefits of idle funds, quick cash, automatically save money, 4 fold to buy funds, high-end financial management, intelligent fixed investment, but alsoCredit card payments, Free cross-bank transfer, cell phone recharge.

September 2013, cash treasure major upgrade, there are four major changes:

1, exclusive network users, only for individual customers cash Campbell, higher earnings;

2, the compound interest into daily compound interest: income automatically carried forward daily, daily compound interest;

3, the query faster: 8 o'clock every morning to check the day before the proceeds;

4, lower threshold: 1 penny can be recharged save money, a penny can quickly cash.

A new generation of cash treasure new dockingHuitianfu cash treasureMonetary Fund, which invests mainly in short-term monetary instruments with high liquidity and safety, does not participate in the stock investment with low risk.

Quick cash withdrawal
Huitianfu T + 0 industry first devaluation cash withdrawal, cash deposited cash, can quickly cash, endless holidays, without any trading time limit, the fastest 1 second funds arrival. A single investor to withdraw the highest amount of 500 million, currently the industry's highest, 0 fee! With mobile phone cash can also operate anywhere.
Cash Camp quickly take the following basic features:
Quick cash withdrawal, real-time arrival:
In urgent need of money, you can use the cash withdrawal function, funds arrive in real time. Holiday can be used.
Mobile phone operation, simple and quick:
Not computer, you can use mobile phone login cash treasure operation.
ATM withdrawals, flexible and convenient:
After the quick cash withdrawal operation is completed, withdrawals can be made directly at the ATM machine. The sum of the single sum and daily sum are 5 million yuan.
On April 9, 2013, CashBal Quick Cash Takeover achieved a major upgrade. Cash treasure cash withdrawal has the following characteristics:
1, to support the cash account to take cash, agriculture, construction, recruit 10 several banks;
2, the highest T + 0 the same day to take out the amount of 500 million;
3, cash withdrawal fee free.

There are two benefits to cashing in cash:

1, cash management: support for mainstream bank cards and third-party payment tools recharge, support T +0 cash withdrawal, cash withdrawal in real time, also supports 40 bank credit card interbank free real-time repayment.

2, fund management: you can purchase, will vote for the fund, the rate will be 4 off.

Open the process
The first step: register Huitianfu fund home page, click to enter the online trading page registration account;
The second step: related to the bank card (bank card binding needs to open online banking functions);
The third step: open cash treasure, after opening, you can carry out fund trading on its website, scheduled to vote and other business.


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