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Wealth Link is a wealth management service launched by Tenpay and WeChat together with the fund company. It is the first batch of major brand fund companies that support Huaxia Fund.
  Financial managementthroughIt is a financial value-added service launched by Tenpay and WeChat affiliate fund companies. It is the first batch of major brand fund companies that support Huaxia Fund.

At this stage, WealthLink can only be purchased on the WeChat mobile phone. WealthLink uses WeChat to pay, and the bound bank card must be a savings card (debit card).Moneylink funds can only be redeemed to the bankcard that was bound at the time of purchase. Others cannot redeem themselves to other bankcards, and do not support other consumption such as WeChat red envelopes. The security is very high. Support for the purchase and redemption of zero fees at any time, the income is distributed every day, and daily income is included in the principal, to enjoy compounding income.

  Wealth Benefit Calculation:

Funds purchased, the second business day begins to calculate the proceeds, and will be postponed on holidays.

Calculation formula: current day earnings =(Wealth management account funds / 10000) * Million shares of the day. For example, if the daily wealth of WeChat Wealth Pass is 1.6273 per day, if the funds in the Wealth Management Account are 10,000, it means that the daily return is: (10000/10000)*1.6273.

Monday 15:00Turning in before, starting to calculate earnings on Tuesday, seeing earnings early Wednesday morning;

Monday 15:00-Turned in at 15:00 on Tuesday, earnings began to be calculated on Wednesday and earnings were seen early in the morning on Thursday;

Tuesday 15:00-Turning in at 15:00 on Wednesday, calculating earnings from Thursday and seeing earnings in early Friday;

Wednesday 15:00 -Turning in at 15:00 on Thursday, starting to calculate earnings on Friday and seeing earnings on Saturday morning;

Thursday 15:00-Turning in at 15:00 on Friday and calculating earnings from next Monday;

Friday 15:00-Turns in at 15:00 on Saturdays and starts to calculate earnings from next Tuesday;

Welfare Bank supports bank and bank purchase limits as follows:
Financial pass redemption mechanism:The time for the WeChat Financial Wealth to arrive is adjusted from the 10:00 am on March 28 to the second working day of redemption, which means that China Wealth Pass suspended the redemption of “T+0”.

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