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BalanceIs a third party payment platform by Alibaba Alipay for individual users to build a balance of value-added services.
      BalanceIs by Alibaba'sThird party paymentPlatform Alipay for individual users to create a balance of value-added services. The funds transferred to the balance of the treasure is to fund companies and other institutions to buy the correspondingFinancial productThe Balance of the first support Tianhong Fund "increase profits" monetary fund. Through the balance of the treasure, the user can not only get the benefits, but also at any time to pay and transfer, do not charge any fees.

The amount of funds transferred to the balance of funds in the second working day by the fund company to confirm the share of the confirmed share will begin to calculate the proceeds, the proceeds included in the balance of capital, the share of the confirmation after the next day after 15:00 to view income.

Note: 15: 00 after the transfer of funds will be postponed a working day to confirm. Weekends and national statutory holidays, fund companies do not share recognition. For example, after 15:00 on Thursday transferred funds, fund companies next Monday to complete the share of confirmation.

Proposed balances transferred to the amount of more than 100 yuan, you can have a higher probability to see the proceeds. (If the income of less than 1 cents the day, the system may not be distributed income, and will not be accumulated)

Operating procedures
1, log Alipay account - [my pay treasure] - [transferred]
2, first need to confirm the identity of personal information, point [confirmation]
      Balance Po transferred to the relevant note:

1, into the support account balance, savings card quick payment (including cartoons) and account balance + savings card quick payment (including cartoon) combination payment;

2, into the unsupported online banking, set sub - treasure, red envelopes, pay, pay together;

3, transferred to create a successful order, but did not pay, from the transaction records to find the order to pay again, if more than 48 hours without payment, the system automatically closes the order, does not support self-closing;

4, after the transfer does not support the refund, can only turn out;

      Balance Po first show earnings time:

Monday 15:00 - Tuesday 15:00 turn, Thursday for the first time show earnings;

Tuesday 15:00 - Wednesday 15:00 transfer, Friday for the first time show earnings;

Wednesday 15:00 - Thursday 15:00 turn, Saturday for the first time show earnings;

Thursday 15:00 - Friday 15:00 turn, next Monday for the first time show earnings;

Friday 15:00 - next Monday 15:00 turn, next Tuesday for the first time show earnings;

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