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Internet financing refers to the major Internet companies with the fund company for individual users launched on the Internet platform for financial value-added services.

   Internet FinanceRefers to the major Internet companies with the fund company for individual users launched on the Internet platform for financial value-added services. the InternetFinancial productWith high liquidity, high yield, low threshold and so on. A typical representative of Internet financial productsBalance, Micro-credit management, cash and so on.

Advantages of Internet Banking
1. Information superiority
Information advantage is mainly reflected in the amount of information and the rapid spread of information. Investors, after all, not experts, has long plagued them as the problem of information asymmetry. Now investors can easily grasp the Internet around the world and even global financial information. And the financial website to convey the information almost no limit. In general, online securities trading to provide the market update time in 8-10 seconds, faster than any other way of commission.
2. Cost advantage
Network financial services, compared with traditional financial services, save a lot of operating costs, so that service providers can continue to improve service quality and reduce service costs, and ultimately benefit investors. The first savings is the establishment of a large operating network costs; followed by a significant savings in communication costs; In addition, also integrated data and other resources to optimize the work process. Statistics show that the general new business department to be a one-time investment of 500-2000 million range, the daily operating expenses of 25-80 million per month, while the development of virtual online financing website investment is only 1 / 3-1 / 2, the daily cost is only 1 / 5-1 / 4.
3. Time and space advantage
Network management space covers a wide range of business scope can cover the world, with unlimited expansion of the global target market; time to provide all-weather business services, truly 7 days a week, 24 hours a day business, greatly facilitate the customer.
4. service advantage
Network management can improve the quality of service, the most obvious is to provide personalized services to investors. Previously, the general investors are not experts, to carry out technical analysis and fundamental analysis are very difficult, need to spend a lot of time and effort. But with the Internet, especially the network of information collection function, investors can obtain authoritative research reports and ready-made investment analysis tools.
5. Efficiency and quality advantages
In financial markets, efficiency is money. And financial activities to spend time, money and energy to collect information, research market conditions, research investment tools, investment decisions and so on. The use of Internet banking can save investors every step of the input, improve the efficiency of financial management, so that investors everywhere to grasp the opportunities, and ultimately improve the adaptability of investors; and Internet technology and computer technology applications, so that investors can reduce Investment blindness and arbitrariness, improve the quality of financial management activities.

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