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Internet wealth management refers to the wealth management value-added services on the Internet platform launched by major Internet companies and fund companies for individual users.

   Internet bankingIt refers to the wealth management value-added services on the Internet platform launched by major Internet companies and fund companies for individual users. the InternetFinancial productIt has the characteristics of high liquidity, high profitability and low threshold. Typical representatives of Internet wealth management products areYu Bao, WeChat management, cash treasure and so on.

Advantages of network management
1. Information advantage
The information advantage is mainly reflected in the rapid spread of information and the rapid spread of information. Investors are not experts after all, and what has long plagued them is the problem of information asymmetry. Investors can now easily access financial information across the country and even the world online. There is almost no limit to the amount of information that can be delivered by financial websites. In general, online securities trading provides a market update time of 8-10 seconds, faster than any other form of delegation.
2. Cost advantage
Compared with traditional financial services, online banking services save a lot of operating costs, enabling service providers to continuously improve service quality and reduce service costs, ultimately benefiting investors. The first savings are the cost of setting up a large network of operations; secondly, the communication costs are greatly reduced; in addition, resources such as data are integrated to optimize the workflow. Statistics show that the general new business department needs a one-time investment of 50-20 million yuan, the daily operating expenses are 25-800,000 yuan per month, and the investment in developing a virtual online wealth management website is only 1/3-1. /2, the daily expenses are only 1/5 - 1/4.
3. Time and space advantage
The network financial space has a wide coverage, the business scope can cover the whole world, and the global target market with unlimited expansion; the all-weather business service is provided in time, and it is truly open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which greatly facilitates customers.
4. service advantage
Internet banking can improve the quality of service, the most obvious is to provide investors with personalized services. In the past, general investors were not experts. It was quite difficult to conduct technical analysis and fundamental analysis. It took a lot of time and effort. But with the help of the Internet, especially the information gathering function of the Internet, investors can obtain authoritative research reports and ready-made investment analysis tools.
5. Efficiency and quality advantages
In the financial market, efficiency is money. Financial management activities cost investors time, money and energy to collect information, research market conditions, research investment tools, and make investment decisions. The use of online financial management can save investors' investment every step, improve the efficiency of financial management, enable investors to grasp the opportunities everywhere, and ultimately improve the resilience of investors; moreover, the application of Internet technology and computer technology can enable investors to reduce The blindness and randomness of investment have improved the quality of financial management activities.

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