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Do the borrower suddenly die and the loan is still there?

Time: 2014-03-20         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Chen Li

People have good fortune, loans to facilitate a lot of people. However, if the borrower suddenly died, then his loan but also?

In fact, this issue needs specific analysis of specific circumstances. Let's talk about natural people firstSecured loan, If the borrower in the application for a loan, his relatives or other third parties and lenders signed a joint repayment liability contract, then the borrower in the case of long-term arrears, the lender will require the guarantor to fulfill the obligation to guarantee , Bear the joint repayment liability, repay the remaining remaining arrears.

The second case is that in the absence of any third party to do the case of security, the borrower chose the houseMortgageWay, then overdue time if the time to reach half a year or so, the lender will usually bring to the court housing auction claims, the proceeds of the auction will be given priority to settle the arrears. Of course, if the family members of the missing persons on behalf of the repayment, then the loan after all the compensation, the family members will be able to apply for housing mortgage cancellation procedures, and then keep the house.

The third case is the borrower had chosenUnsecured loans, Neither the provision of collateral, nor the provision of third party joint responsibility, then the loan will not have to repay.

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