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Is personal ID micro-credit credible?

Time: 2014-03-17         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Su Han

Currently there are many online advertising pop-up as long as there is a personal ID can get a loan, without any mortgage. This is undoubtedly a boon to many people who are unstable in their jobs or who work rather differently, and who have capital problems and turnarounds, but is it so easy to lend as a commercial institution that uses loans and deposits as a source of revenue? ? That is to sayID microcreditIn the end credible?

In fact, there are generally two types of microcredit for personal identification cards on the market:

The first microcredit of personal identity card is actually unsecuredCredit LoansAlthough it really does not need collateral, but forUnsecured loanIn terms of information required to prove far more than ID cards, but also need to provideProof of income, Proof of residence, proof of work and a series of documents, but only a necessary ID card, this is generally a gimmick on the site.

The second type of personal identity card microcredit is in fact a guaranteed loan. This type of loan you really need to provide the material is indeed small, but the requirements for the guarantor is relatively high, the guarantor needs a stable income, a fixed job and Willing to give you a guarantee, this case you only need to prove their identity with a personal ID card and eligible guarantors are willing to give you a guarantee, you can indeed lend money.

  Financial 360Remind everyone that many unscrupulous elements take advantage of the lender's eagerness to raise funds and use a personal identity card as a starting point for cheating. When you go out and see those loans that need to be paid before the loan funds arrive Companies have to be careful, it is likely that they will no longer be able to contact the fees charged.

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