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Ma Yun; dedicated to men with ideas [passing positive energy]

Time: 2014-03-10         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Lian Jie

        One: calm
(1) Do not reveal your emotions casually.
(2) Don't tell people about your difficulties and encounters.
(3) Think before you ask for advice, but don't talk first.
(4) Don't yell at your dissatisfaction whenever you have a chance.
(5) The important decisions should be discussed by others as much as possible. It is best to release them one day later.
(6) Do not have any panic in the speech, but also walk.
Two: Careful
(1) Always think about their causal relationship with what is happening around you.
(2) To solve the problem of not being implemented, it is necessary to discover the root cause of them.
(3) There are suggestions for improvement or optimization for the usual methods of doing things.
(4) Do things in a manner that is organized and orderly.
(5) Frequently go to find a few problems or drawbacks that others can't see.
(6) You must make up for the shortcomings at any time and place.
Three: courage
(1) Don't use words that lack self-confidence
(2) Don't often repent and easily overturn what has been decided.
(3) Don't be unfounded when everyone is arguing.
(4) When the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic and sunny.
(5) Do everything with care, because someone is watching you.
(6) When things are not going well, take a break and re-find the breakthrough. It will be clean and neat.
Four: generous
(1) Do not deliberately turn someone who may be a partner into an opponent.
(2) Don't care about other people's small mistakes and small mistakes.
(3) Be generous in money, learn three things (financial, legal, fearless)
(4) Do not have the arrogance of power and the bias of knowledge.
(5) Any achievements and achievements should be shared with others.
(6) When someone has to sacrifice or give, he walks ahead.
Five: Integrity
(1) Don't say things that you can't do, and try to do it when you say it.
(2) Do not hang a slogan or slogan often.
(3) To solve the "distrust" problem raised by the customer, and come up with an improvement method.
(4) Stop all "immoral" means.
(5) Playing tricks, you must not!
(6) Calculate the integrity of the product or service, that is, the cost of the brand.
Six: Acting
(1) When reviewing any faults, start by introspecting yourself or yourself.
(2) After the matter is over, first review the fault and then list the credit.
(3) Admit mistakes from the higher level, the table work starts from the lower level
(4) Start a plan, first define the rights and responsibilities clearly, and allocate them properly.
(5) People or organizations that are afraid of things should be clarified.
(6) The company should bear the loss caused by the courage to take responsibility
Nine means of becoming a major event:
1, dare to decide - to overcome the hesitant habit
The biggest problem for many people is that they lack the means to dare to make decisions. They always look around and think about it before they miss the best opportunity for success. When the big players see the possibility of success, they dare to make a major decision, so they get the first opportunity.
2, challenge the weakness - completely change their own defects
Everyone has weaknesses. Those who can't be big things always stick to their weaknesses. They won't make major changes in their lives. Those who can become big things are always good at cutting their own weaknesses and turning themselves into a superpowered person. A person who can't even correct his own defects can only be a loser!
3, break through the predicament--the success of the capital from failure
Life always faces the challenges of various dilemmas. It can even be said that the predicament is the "ghost door". The average person will tremble in front of the dilemma, and the big ones can turn the dilemma into a powerful springboard for success.
4. Seize the opportunity--good at choice, good at creation
Opportunity is the greatest asset in life. Some people waste their opportunities easily, so every opportunity that has great potential is slipping away. It is absolutely impossible to slip away and become a chance.
5, play the strengths - do what you are best at
A person with very weak ability will certainly find it difficult to open up the situation of life. He must be the victim of the heavyweights on the stage of life. The great players will fully develop their talents and expand the road to success step by step.
6, adjust the mindset - avoid letting emotions hurt yourself
People with negative attitudes can't afford life and burdens anyway, because they can't face a personal setback. The big ones are about high-speed mentality, even when there is no hope, they can see the bright light of success.
7. Act now - just say no, no futile
One action is better than a hundred thoughts. Some people are "language giants, action dwarfs", so things that don't see more practical reality happen to him; those who make big events rely on actions to implement their own life plans every day.
8, good at communication - clever use of human resources
If a person does not know how to communicate, it will inevitably promote the power of interpersonal relationships. One of the characteristics of a major event is that it is good at borrowing power and borrowing heat to create a successful situation, so that it can do things that are difficult to do and realize the planning of their own lives.
9, re-planning - stand on a higher starting point
Life is a process, and success is also a process. If you are satisfied with a small success, it will drive great success. The big players understand the hard process from small to large, so after achieving a small success, they can continue to open the "sealed bag" of the next life.
Any kind of means can lead to a result, but this result is not the best result, I am afraid it is difficult to say. The big players always choose the best means to achieve the most perfect results, which is what ordinary people can do. Therefore, on the road to success, if you want to become a big event, the first problem to be solved is: Is your means a direct plan for your success?
Nine kinds of abilities necessary for becoming a major event
Ability to challenge survival: good at finding answers in reality
1. Correct your mind and dare to face reality
For those who keep complaining about the reality, the reality that can't be satisfied is like the cage of life, which binds both hands and feet and binds the body and mind. Therefore, it often succumbs to the pressure of reality and becomes a weak person; and those who are truly big things People who dare to challenge reality and temper their own viability in reality, this is called the strong!
Here, we can draw a big experience: adapt to the changes in reality and quickly change their own ideas, the most important thing is that we need a smart mind and flexible eyes to be the heart of life.
Under the pressure of reality, if you can change your mind and move forward in time, you can get twice the result with half the effort.
Our bottom-up must be inseparable from reality. As the reality changes, we must adjust our own ideas, thoughts, actions and goals. This is a must for survival. If we have the means to change the reality and adapt it to the development needs of our abilities and desires, then it is the most valuable.
2, let you have a strong self-control ability
Self-control is to overcome the desire, not to be impetuous because of a little pressure, and get angry when you encounter something that is not satisfactory. A person cannot control others unless they control themselves first. As long as a person has the goal of becoming a major event, know what he wants, then take action and tell himself that he will never give up. Success is only a matter of time. If you are in trouble or hinder on the way, you will face it, solve it, and then move on, so that the problem will not accumulate.
When you climb up step by step, don't say "no" to yourself, because "no" may cause your determination to shake, give up your goal, and thus give up.
The hardest thing for people to overcome is their own. The meaning of this is that the biggest obstacle to a person's success is not from the outside world, but from himself. Only by controlling yourself can you control the pressure and let the pressure yield in front of you.
3. Load emotion into the box of reason
The generation of a kind of resistance is often imperceptible, but its impact on people's life is huge, and this influence is reflected in many small things. We should try to eliminate our own bad feelings, because it will not only cause physical and mental harm to us, but also on our way to success, bad feelings can sometimes become a stumbling block. For your success, you must put emotions into the box of reason. You must adapt to others and adapt to the situation. Otherwise, you are destined to become a major event and are destined to be eliminated.
4, alone can stimulate the power of thinking
If you know how to be alone, the big things are all people who are good at being alone - to stimulate the power of thinking in the process of being alone. Inferiority can be like a mountain to overwhelm people and silence you forever. It can also generate powerful power like a propeller. Taking a step ahead of others can create a successful state of mind. When you are alone, you should think about it, don't always be superfluous.
5, pressure is the best driving force
Those who want to become big events may have greater pressure because of their high goals. But if you want to become a major event, you must be able to withstand this pressure and use it as a driving force for your life. People's best work is often done outside the face of adversity. If people want to do something, they will do something. What you should do must be done well, and you should not do it. What you get is not necessarily fortunate. Losing is not entirely a bad thing.
6, to change the strain, there is a way out
Adapting to the current situation, being good at change, and adjusting your own action plan in a timely manner is a way for the major players to adapt to reality. If a person does not have the superb skills to deal with people, and does not consider all kinds of situations with a comprehensive mind, flexible means, it is impossible to control the big situation, it will be difficult to become a major event.
A person can see his own status quo, his mentality will be much balanced, he can look at it with an objective vision, know the world, and adjust his behavior accordingly.
7. Self-confidence is the strong pillar of life.
Those with sufficient self-confidence will have higher adaptability, and vice versa.
People with less general confidence often have some physical and mental symptoms, such as being solitary, afraid to interact with others, being too radical, and being pessimistic and disappointed. If you have more experience in doing things, then your self-confidence will be stronger. The less chances of self-successful exercise, the weaker your self-confidence, resulting in a serious inferiority complex.
Emerson, a nineteenth-century thinker, said: "Believe that you can't do it," Napoleon said. "There is no impossible in my dictionary."
8. Put your energy into your strengths
Most people's life level only stays: eating for dinner, taking a bus, working for work, going home to go home.
The big players and the big ones are only different in some small movements: spend 5 minutes a day reading, making more calls, working harder, spending more time on a presentation at an appropriate time, doing more research, Or test more in the laboratory.
Before you act, you know if you are qualified for this task.
There is no excuse to explain why you are still unable to do a job for a long time. No matter what you want to pursue, you must force yourself to increase your ability to achieve your goals. Practice hard, practice hard, and finally practice hard! Never give up on learning, and you must apply what you have learned to your daily life.
9, concentrate on doing one thing
If most people concentrate on one job, they can do the job well. The most important business people are those who can make quick and decisive decisions. They always first define a clear goal, concentrate and concentrate on this goal.
Only concentrate on one thing at a time, devote yourself wholeheartedly and actively hope that it will succeed, so that your heart will not feel exhausted. Think of what you need to do as a small drawer in a row of drawers. Don't always think about all the drawers, but focus on the drawer you have opened. Everyone has a different means of doing things. It can be said that a person has a means, and one has a way to succeed by his own means. Numerous facts show that some people are too confident, and the means of self-identification can solve any problem, but I don't know that this often does not play any role. Therefore, they always feel that the goal of success is not getting closer and closer, but actually getting farther and farther.
9 mentalities necessary for a big event
One of the mindsets: positive
Always thinking about getting ahead
2. Be a big man when you are a "little person"
3. Only enterprising can make a big deal
4. Abandon the interference of adversity and find the root of the upward direction
5. Abandonment is also a successful start
6. Do extraordinary things in the ordinary
7. It is important to keep a young mind
8. Always positive, active, and enthusiastic
The second state of mind: diligence and courtesy
1. Aspirational, thinking, down to earth
2. Diligent industry, courteous people
3. Diligence is higher than talent
4. Diligence creates success, laziness destroys genius
5. Develop diligent habits that will benefit for life.
6. If you have a hard work, you will have a harvest.
7. Perseverance and support can "point stone into gold"
8. Mo Daojun is early, and there are early pedestrians.
The third state of mind: honest and trustworthy
Honesty is an essence derived from oneself
2. Honest and trustworthy is the big winner
3. Lay a successful foundation in good faith
4. Sincere friendship will make your career more developed
5. Be a person with integrity
6. Honest and trustworthy is a "credit card" for big things.
7. To be a big event, choose a friend
8. Treat people with sincerity and work with enthusiasm
The fourth state of mind: dare to challenge
1. Dare to challenge yourself and overcome your depreciation
2. Challenge without limits
3. Persevere in the courage, half-way is a coward
4. Used to challenge the confidence that provokes a big event
5. Courage is the cure for difficulties
6. Winners are strong, self-winners are strong
7. Perseverance and perseverance are the basic skills of becoming a major event
8. Persevere into a big event, and taste no way out
Mind 5: good at cooperation
Six of the mindset: contentment balance
Seven of the mentality: optimistic and open-minded
Eight of the mindset: wide and tolerant
Nine mentality: always confident

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