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Loans in 2014 315, breakdown of various loan pit!
Nearly 315 annual, financial spending and everyone's life are closely related. In daily financial consumption, we inevitably encounter some consumer traps, and even financial fraud. Today, 360 will take you to understand those financial traps and how to prevent them.
Accidentally being a loan
      ID card accidentally lost, was picked up by the bank after the loan to the owner of the ID card is therefore included in the financial system blacklist can no longer borrow.
Charges and miscellaneous loans
      Even the best unsecured loan products also have one or two "character" is not good, because they vampire! 0 interest rate car loan can really 0 interest rates?
  • In those years we chase the loan sector "vampire"Xiaobian two weeks ago to give you an inventory of the goddess and goddess of the loan sector. From all walks of life to reflect the effect is not bad, so Xiaobian I decided to make a strike while the iron and steel like a "report ...[More]
  • Zero interest rate loan car behind the tricky"The biggest attraction of" zero interest rate "lies in that there is no interest pressure and the proportion of down payment is small, which is not for the consumers who do not have enough cash on hand or who want to leave their funds at hand.[More]
  • Traps, loans to buy a car to be carefulIn today's rapid economic development, ahead of the consumer in 80,90 after the very common, car loan is a kind of advanced consumption. However, many unspoken rules of the loan car market, the original ...[More]
  • Loan car, you are 4S shop 忽悠 it?With the expansion of auto finance, 4S shop marketing means can be described as more and more rich, all kinds of promotions are endless, but consumers really get the benefits? You really did not ...[More]
Beware of various loan scams
      As long as an ID card, pay a few hundred dollars fee, without a mortgage, you can handle high loans, you believe it?
Financial 360 teach you anti-fraud
      Only mastered the relevant knowledge, can effectively avoid mistakes into the trap of a liar or harm the rights and interests, melt 360 teach you to safeguard your rights.
          To safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, is every consumer's right to enjoy. As a financial search platform, 360 is willing to make every effort to improve the services of banks and other financial institutions and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.
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