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Loan 315 in 2014, detailed loan pits!
As the annual 315 approaches, financial spending is closely related to everyone's life. In the daily financial consumption, we will inevitably encounter some consumption traps, and even financial fraud. Today, Fusion 360 will take you through the financial pitfalls and how to prevent them.
Accidentally being loaned
      The ID card was accidentally dropped. After being picked up by other people, the loan was issued to the bank. The owner of the ID card was therefore blacklisted by the financial system and could no longer borrow.
Charges and miscellaneous loans
      No matter how good the unsecured loan products are, there are only one or two "characters" that are not good, because they suck blood! 0 interest rates car loans can really 0 rates?
Beware of various loan scams
      As long as an ID card, pay a few hundred yuan fee, no mortgage, you can handle high loans, do you believe it?
360 teach you to prevent fraud
      Only by mastering the relevant knowledge can we effectively prevent mistakes from falling into the traps of con artists or being harmed by rights and interests. We can teach you to safeguard your rights through 360.
          Safeguarding your own legitimate rights and interests is a right that every consumer enjoys. As a financial search platform, Rongrong 360 is willing to do its best to improve the services of banks and other financial institutions and safeguard the interests of consumers.
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