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Money is very vulgar, no money is more common, today we talk about money together!

Time: 2014-02-22         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Lian Jie

1, money is a man's gall
Men need money in society, they have no money, they have no value in front of their families, they have no status in society, and they are hard to be recognized. For example, a man goes shopping and sees a brand-name clothing. The waiter asks: "Sir, come and try?" If there is no money in the pocket, there is no courage. So, a man must have money.
2, money is the face of a woman
Every woman likes beauty, I hope I have a bright face, but the face of a rich woman is not the same as the face of a woman who has no money. Rich women tend to be better than women who don’t have money. Apart from the difference between rich women and cosmetics without money, the impact of money on women’s faces is not the most important thing in cosmetics, but in money. The kind of inner peace and tranquility that comes with it. There is a saying in China that you can live with your heart. If you have money and no money, you can see the inner peace, life, dressing, maintenance, and so on. For example, the same 22-year-old female university, one has money, one has no money. Ten years later, you can see that rich women are absolutely different from women who don't have money. Therefore, women must also have money.
3. Money is human dignity
The old society, China's poor, was called a sick man of East Asia by foreigners. But now, China has money, and slowly begins to sing the protagonist. Money is respect for the country and personally, it is also a kind of respect. People are short-lived, and few people can do it.
4, money is the root of marriage
A marriage without money is like building a house in the desert. It is not long-lasting. Money is a material basis for marriage, and marriage without a material foundation is not solid. Therefore, we choose a lover, a woman to find a husband, just like choosing stocks, or looking for rich, or looking for high-quality stocks, there will be great achievements in the future. If the man you are looking for has no desire for success, and the desire to earn money is not strong, or it will not rise in the future, then you will not have much success in your life.
5, money is love
When we express love to our loved ones, to our parents, to our relatives and friends, most of them are realized with money. If you yell "I love you" to your lover and your parents every day, but you can't let them live a good life, this is not true love!
6. Money is the foundation of civilization
Spiritual civilization is based on material civilization. Without money, it is impossible to talk about spiritual civilization. When you are poor, no one talks about civilization. When you have money, your material life is better, and the level of civilization will gradually increase. The level of civilization will increase and the quality will gradually improve.
7, money is the bond of friendship
There is very little pure friendship between people in the material society. There are not many women and women, and there are fewer men and men. Others interact with you because you have value. If you don't have value, your friends will be very few. When you have money, there will be many friends around you. When you are poor, many friends will leave you. Therefore, money plays a key role in your relationships.
8. Money is the driving force of life.
Making money is the driving force of life. If you want to eat, wear, buy a house, buy a car, or live, you must make money, because only money can achieve this. Some people say that I am doing business or work because of love, then I ask: You have never paid for your work, do you still do it?
9, money can let others do things for you
Money can make a ghost push, although money is not a panacea, but sometimes, you can't do things that money can do.
10, money can make you feel free
Many people say that I don't like the current job, being embarrassed by the boss, being controlled by others, but also looking at other people's faces, but still going to work! Because you have a mortgage, have a car loan, you have to live, you have to go.
Remember one sentence: the harder you work, the luckier you are.
Put down your impetuous,
Let go of your laziness,
Put down your three minutes of heat,
I can't help but tempted the brain,
Let go of your eyes that are easily attracted by anything,
Let go of everything, you want to talk about two gossip mouths,
Just calm down and do what you should do, work hard! Sometimes when you really work hard, you will find yourself much better than you think.

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