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22 mainstream banks who lost the card to protect the most intimate
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Each bank’s lost card protection standards are also different. The time for protection is very short and long. For us, of course, the longer the better, the next, the 360 ​​Xiao Bian will come for everyone to compare with the 22 mainstream banks. , Whose lost card security service is the most intimate.
                The repeated occurrence of credit card fraud incidents has caused us to complain and miserable. In the face of this situation, most banks have introduced credit card lost-card guarantee services. The main role of this service is that our cards are lost and the banks will compensate us for losses in the period before reporting losses.
However, the protection standards for lost cards vary from bank to bank. The time for protection is very short and long. For us, of course, the longer the better, the next, the 360 ​​Xiao Bian will come for everyone to compare with 22 mainstreams. In the bank, someone's lost card guarantee service is the most intimate.
Xiao Bian investigated 22 banks and counted them as follows:
As can be seen from the above table, at present, 8 banks, including ICBC, Minsheng, Baoshang, Shanghai, Ningbo, East Asia, Citibank and Guangzhou Bank, have not opened credit card loss guarantee services. Most banks’ guarantee of loss of cards is 48 hours. Most bank’s card loss guarantees are free of charge. Only CITIC andIndustrial BankIs to charge 4 yuan per month service fee.
      HSBC BankThe lost card guarantee business is the most intimate, lasting for 120 hours, far more than other banks, and it is still free. Pufa HehePing An BankFollowed by 72 hours. (The above protection and credit card compensation are only applicable to credit cards without passwords)
Rong 360 Xiao Bian reminds everyone that although there is a lost card protection service, it can allow everyone to enjoy compensation for losses caused by someone being stolen by credit card within a certain period of time before the loss is reported. However, this is only compensation for a period of time. The festival is approaching and the peak of consumption is coming. We must not relax our awareness of the protection of credit cards.

【Exclusive manuscript and disclaimer】All works and any media or individual that indicate “Furong 360” source are reproduced in whole or in part. Please indicate the source(360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article only provide users with reference and do not constitute investment advice.

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