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22 mainstream bank who lost the card to protect the most intimate
Edit: Luo WeiSource: Financial 360 originalDate: 2013-12-18


Each bank's loss of card security standards are not the same, the protection of the long and short, for us, of course, is the longer the better, then melt into 360 small series for everyone than the 22 mainstream banks , Who lost the card security services most intimate.
                There are more and more credit card fraud incidents, it really makes us complacent, miserable. Faced with this situation, most banks have introduced a credit card loss card business, the main role of this business is: our card is lost, the bank will report the loss for some time before we compensate.
However, the loss of each bank's card security standards are not the same, the protection of long and short, of course, for us, of course, the longer the better, then melt into 360 small series for everyone Bibi 22 mainstream In the bank, who lost most of the card security services.
Xiaobian survey 22 banks, for everyone statistics are as follows:
As can be seen from the above table, at present, ICBC, Minsheng, contractors, banks in Shanghai, Ningbo, East Asia, Citigroup and Guangzhou Bank have not opened credit card cardholder protection services. Most of the bank's card loss guarantee is 48 hours, most of the bank's card loss protection are free, and only CITICIndustrial BankIs to charge 4 yuan a month service fee.
      HSBC BankLost Card Security Business is the most intimate, up to 120 hours, far more than other banks, but still free. Shanghai Pudong Development andPing An BankFollowed by 72 hours. (The above protection, pirate compensation are only applicable to the credit card without setting a password)
Financial Xiaobian reminded everyone, although the loss of card security services, allowing you to enjoy the loss of a certain amount of time before the report, as a result of being fraudulent credit card damage caused by compensation, but this is only a period of compensation. As the festival approaching, the peak of consumer spending has come, and everyone's awareness of credit card protection is absolutely not to be relaxed.

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