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Because credit card online shopping spending can also be points, coupled with the popularity of credit cards, so everyone in the online shopping, the general use of credit cards to pay.

Because ofcredit cardOnline shopping spending can also be points, coupled with the popularity of credit cards, so everyone in the online shopping, the general use of credit cards to pay. What kind of payment method do you use?
In the past, whether it is credit card or savings card, the network must pay in advance to open online banking, or will not be able to use. Alipay launched in the fast payment, even if not open online banking bank card, it can also be a smooth payment.

What is quick payment
Fast payment refers to the user to buy goods, do not need to open online banking, just provide the bank card number, account name, cell phone number and other information, the bank to verify the correct number of mobile phone number, Alipay mobile phone to send the dynamic password to the user phone number, the user input correct The phone dynamic password, you can complete the payment.
If the user chooses to save the card information, the user can pay the payment by simply entering the Alipay payment password or paying the password and the mobile password.
Over the past two years, quick payment by virtue of the advantages of quick and easy to achieve rapid development, quick payment and cartoon payment usage has reached 40.4%, infiltrated nearly half of users. Cooperative banks have more than 160, covering all domestic mainstream banks.

Quick payment feature
save time and energy

Online open, no online banking. Easy to operate, only the bank card information, identity information and mobile phones will be able to pay, do not have to open the bank, no need to install online banking controls, no need to use U shield and so on.
There is not a lot of page jumps that reduce the likelihood of being caught. Shopping guarantee security guarantee, Alipay payment password + mobile phone check code double protection, payment success rate of 93% or more. 72 hours of funds paid, 100% financial protection, down to zero risk.
Convenient terminal
Can be cross-terminal, cross-platform, cross-browser payment. Can support PC, mobile phone, telephone, tablet PC, TV and other terminals, support IE, chrome, firefox, opera, safari and other browsers.
Covering a wide range
Support Taobao, Lynx, where customers, Dangdang, and so on tens of thousands of businesses online consumption. Covering a wide range, so that no matter where you shop, you can enjoy the convenience of payment services.
save money
Exclusive shopping privileges, colorful offers, spike, 1 yuan purchase, brand discount, full on the other activities such as you choose.
Xiaobian experience
In the first use of fast payment, you can Alipay account in the importation of credit card information, binding the card. After you pay each time, just enter your payment password can be, if the payment amount is large, but also through the check code to confirm to improve the use of security. You can also open a small payment of non-confidential services, so you can consume less than 100 yuan when you do not need to enter a password, less than a minute will be able to successfully pay.

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