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Because credit card online shopping spending can also be credited, coupled with the popularity of credit cards, so everyone in online shopping, generally use credit card payment.

Because ofcredit cardOnline shopping spending can also be credited, coupled with the popularity of credit cards, so everyone in online shopping, generally use credit card payments. What kind of payment method do you use?
In the past, whether it is a credit card or a savings card, Internet banking must be opened beforehand when online payment is made, otherwise it will not be available. After Alipay introduced a quick payment, even if it did not open a bank card, it could also make a smooth payment.

What is quick payment
Express payment means that users do not need to open e-banking when purchasing goods. Simply provide information such as bank card number, account name, and mobile phone number. After the bank verifies the correctness of the mobile phone number, Alipay sends the mobile phone dynamic password to the user's mobile phone number. The user enters the correct number. The phone's dynamic password can be paid.
If the user chooses to save the card information, the user only needs to enter the Alipay payment password or the payment password and the mobile phone dynamic password to complete the payment when the user pays the next time.
In the past two years, fast payment has developed rapidly thanks to its fast and convenient advantages. The utilization rate of quick payment and cartoon payment has reached 40.4%, and it has penetrated nearly half of users. There are more than 160 cooperative banks, covering all major domestic banks.

Quick payment features
save time and energy

Opened online, no online banking. Easy to operate, only bank card information, identity information and mobile phone can be paid, without having to open the bank, no need to install online banking controls, without the use of U shield.
Security protection
There isn't a lot of page jumps, reducing the chance of being fished. Shopping enjoys secured transaction protection, Alipay payment password + mobile verification code double protection, payment success rate of over 93%. 72-hour fund payment, 100% capital protection, reduced to zero risk.
Convenient terminal
Pay across terminals, cross-platform, cross-browser. Can support PC, mobile phone, telephone, tablet PC, TV and other terminals, support IE, chrome, firefox, opera, safari and other browsers.
Wide coverage
Support Taobao, Tmall, Vanke, Dangdang, etc., the online consumption of tens of thousands of businesses. Covering a wide range of areas allows you to enjoy fast and convenient services no matter where you shop.
save money
Exclusive shopping privilege, colorful promotional information, spike, 1 yuan purchase, brand discount, full reduction and other activities for your choice.
Xiaobian experience
In the first use of quick payment, you can enter the relevant information of credit card in Alipay account and bind it. After each payment, you only need to enter your payment password. If the payment amount is large, you need to confirm it with a check code to improve the use of security. You can also open a small payment free service, so that you can use the password to pay less than 100 yuan, you can not need to enter a password, you can successfully pay less than a minute.

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