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Full coverage of credit card payment - fast payment
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Because credit card online shopping can also be credited, and the popularity of credit cards, everyone generally uses credit card payment when shopping online.

Because credit card online shopping can also be credited, and the popularity of credit cards, everyone generally uses credit card payment when shopping online. Which payment method do you use?
In the past, whether it was a credit card or a savings card, online banking must be opened in advance, otherwise it will not be available. After Alipay launched the fast payment, even if the bank card of the online banking was not opened, the payment could be made smoothly.

What is fast payment?
Fast payment means that when users purchase goods, they do not need to open online banking. They only need to provide bank card number, account name, mobile phone number and other information. After the bank verifies the correctness of the mobile phone number, Alipay sends the mobile phone dynamic password to the user's mobile phone number, and the user input is correct. The mobile phone dynamic password can be used to complete the payment.
If the user chooses to save the card information, the user can simply enter the Alipay payment password or the payment password and the mobile phone dynamic password to complete the payment.
In the past two years, fast payment has achieved rapid development with the advantage of quick and convenient. The usage rate of fast payment and cartoon payment has reached 40.4%, and it has penetrated nearly half of users. There are more than 160 cooperative banks covering all major domestic banks.

Fast payment features
save time and energy

Open online, no online banking. It is easy to operate, only requires bank card information, identity information and mobile phone to pay, no need to go to the bank to open, no need to install online banking controls, no need to use U shield.
There are not a lot of page jumps, reducing the possibility of being phishing. Shopping enjoys guaranteed transaction protection, Alipay payment password + mobile phone check code double protection, and the payment success rate reaches over 93%. 72 hours of fund payment, 100% capital guarantee, to zero risk.
Convenient terminal
Payment can be made across terminals, cross-platform, and cross-browser. Can support PC, mobile phone, phone, tablet, TV and other terminals, support IE, chrome, firefox, opera, safari and other browsers.
Wide coverage
Support online consumption of tens of thousands of merchants such as Taobao, Tmall, Fanke and Dangdang. A wide range of coverage, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of fast payment no matter where you shop.
save money
Exclusive shopping privileges, colorful offers, spikes, 1 yuan purchase, brand discounts, full reduction, etc.
Xiaobian experience
When using Express Payout for the first time, you can bind the card by entering the information about the credit card in your Alipay account. After each payment, you only need to enter your payment password. If the payment amount is large, you need to confirm by the check code to improve the security of use. You can also open a small payment and confidential service, so you can use the password less than one hundred yuan and you can pay in less than one minute.

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