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Who has forced the bank to suspend the card?
Editor: Wang YinanSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-12-04


After Xiao Zhang handled a bank credit card, after using the credit card for a large amount of consumption, the bank immediately sealed the card and suspended the use. Why? Isn't credit card used for consumption? Why is it still being stopped after the consumption, and it is also required to repay the card first.

The bank’s use of the card is risky and forced to stop the credit cards of two quality customers. Why is this, we will restore the situation at the time.

      Case number one:
Xiao Zhang is a white-collar worker of a company. He used a credit card for one year and clearly knew the rules of the credit card. After enjoying the maximum interest-free period every month, it will repay on time and never expires. I have recently made some small purchases for my family's purchases, so I will choose to pay by credit card when I purchase the goods. Xiao Zhang swipe the credit card and was told by a bank that “the credit card has been suspended due to the risk of using the card”. When Xiao Zhang went to the phone and asked the other party to explain, what is the so-called "risk" specifically? The customer service can't answer, and it is always ambiguous. "I said that I always swipe the card in one place. Does the bank have regulations that can't be used in one place? My reputation record has been very good. No matter how the card has never been in arrears with the bank's money, this time I was stopped by the card, for me. It’s really disappointing!”
Xiao Zhang recalled, "Later, the bank came to the phone and said that it would provide nearly three months of consumer invoices for the use of recovery cards, or personal consumption invoices. Customers with consumer perceptions know that whoever consumes invoices every time. And the consumption will definitely not invoice to the individual's name, 2W's credit limit is not very concerned, but it is not understandable to force the inexplicable stop card as a consumer."

      Case 2:
Not long ago, CITIC Bank's loyal customer Xiaohu used a credit card to buy a car, the card itself 5w quota, swiping 40,000, and then directly blocked by the bank, did not tell Xiaohu card has been frozen. When Xiaohu uses a credit card to buy other things, when the POSS machine can't swipe the card, Xiaohu calls the customer service phone to check the reason, only to know that his card has been blocked, saying that the useful card is at risk, there is a suspected cash, has been suspended. . Xiaohu asked to open the card, the customer service staff explained, "The card can be used, you can only pay off all the arrears before you can open the card for normal use."
What's happening here? After using the credit card for a large amount of consumption, the bank immediately sealed the card and suspended the use. Credit card is not used for consumption. Why is it that the card is also stopped after the consumption, and it is required to repay the card first.

For all kinds of situations, it turns out that some people actually use credit cards to cash in, find their own business partners, talk privately about the agreement, and even find the cashiers, pay high commissions to cash out and realize their own interests. In order to control this kind of risk, in general, the customer has a large amount of consumption, and the customer service staff will call and verify and verify whether the amount of the shop and the amount of money spent by the card can be correct, so as to avoid the possibility of cashing out.

Xiao Bian summary: It is best not to suddenly use credit card for large-volume consumption, the bank will have an automatic system, such as the usual consumption is very small, suddenly there is a large amount of consumption, the bank will think that there is a shortage of funds, there is a suspicion of cash. There is also a possibility that shops that frequently swipe their cards have appeared cash and are checked by the bank, so they will be blocked by the bank, otherwise the bank will not seal the card. If you encounter temporary difficulties in economic difficulties, you can choose to call the credit card customer service phone to apply for the amount, or choose the installment after swiping the card. Even if you want to spend a lot of money, it is recommended to call the customer service phone to explain the situation, to avoid the problem that the POSS machine can not brush, and avoid Blocked if you don't know it.

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