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The bank forced to stop who was over
Editor: Wang Yi NanSource: melt 360 originalDate: 2013-12-04


Zhang for a bank credit card, the use of large credit card spending once, the bank immediately sealed card, suspended use, which is why? Is not credit card used for consumption? Why the consumption was also stopped card, but also requires the first repayment and then open the card.

Bank of a card with the risk, forced to stop the two high-quality customerscredit card, Why is this, we come to restore the scene at that time.

      Case 1:
Xiao Zhang is a company's white-collar workers, using a credit card for 1 year, clearly aware of the rules of the credit card. Monthly to enjoy the maximum interest-free period, will be repaid on time, never appeared overdue. Recently for their own home to do some small business purchase, so when the purchase will choose to use credit card payment. Xiao Zhang brush credit card was told by a bank "credit card for the existence of the risk of the card has been suspended." When Xiao Zhang to call the other side to explain, the so-called "risk" specifically refers to what? Customer service but can not answer, always vaguely prevarication. "I always in a place to swipe, I would like to ask the bank can not be used in a place to use credit card? My credibility record has been very good, no matter how credit card has never owed money to the bank, this inexplicable stop card, for me Really disappointed! "
Xiao Zhang recalled, "Later, the bank called to provide nearly three months of consumer invoices to restore the use of the card, or personal consumption invoices, consumer attitudes are aware of the customer who will have to invoice each time, And consumption will certainly not invoicing to the individual name, 2W credit line is not very concerned about, but forced to be inexplicable card as a consumer is not understand.

      Case 2:
Not long ago,CITIC BankLoyal customers Xiaohu use credit card to buy a car, the card itself 5w amount, credit card 40,000, after the bank card directly, did not tell the small Hu card has been frozen. In the use of credit cards in the small Hu to buy other things, POSS machine can not swipe, Xiao Hu call customer service phone inquiries, I discovered that his card has been blocked card, said there is a risk card, there are suspicion, has been suspended The Xiao Hu asked to open the card, customer service instructions, "open card can be used, can only pay off all the arrears can be opened card normal use."
What's happening here? Use the credit card to spend a lot of money once, the bank immediately sealed card, suspended use. Credit card is not used to consumption Well, why the consumption was also stopped, but also requires the first repayment and then open the card.

For all the circumstances show that in fact someone really use itCredit card cash, To find their own business cooperation, privately talk into the agreement into the agreement, and more to find cash shop, pay high fees to cash, to achieve their own interests. Banks to control this risk, under normal circumstances, customers have large consumption, customer service staff will call to inquire and verify that the credit card shop and the amount of their own consumption to the right, to avoid the possibility of cash.

Xiao Bian Summary: it is best not to use credit card large consumption, the bank will have automatic system, such as the usual consumption are few, suddenly there is a large amount of consumption, the bank will think that the shortage of funds, there are cash suspects. There is a possibility, is often a credit card shops have emerged cash, was found by banks, so it will be the bank card, or the bank is not casually sealed card. If you encounter temporary difficulties in economic difficulties, you can choose to call the credit card customer service calls to apply for, or after the credit card selection stage, even if the large consumption, it is recommended to call the customer service phone to explain the situation, to avoid POSS machine brush is not the embarrassment, In their own do not know the case was blocked card.

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