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Starbucks is approved. Credit card coffee is still very affordable.
Edit: Luo WeiSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-11-06


For CCTV’s fierce approval of Starbucks’ “profiteering”, netizens and card friends have been inciting for a while. In response to this statement, it seems that there is less good voice and doubts. Today, Rong 360 Xiaobian first analyzes the reasons for this.
On October 21, 2013, CCTV exposure: the cost of raw materials for each Starbucks latte is less than 5 yuan, but in China, it is sold at 27 yuan, which is more expensive than the same latte in New York, London and Mumbai. For CCTV’s fierce approval of Starbucks’ “profiteering”, netizens and card friends have been inciting for a while.
In response to this statement, it seems that there is less good voice and doubts. Nowadays,Rong 360Xiaobian first analyzes the reasons for this.

    Question one, there is a common sense error
Xiao Bian believes that the price of any kind of product is not only determined by the cost of raw materials. The cost of a cup of coffee raw material is less than 5 yuan. I think this should not be the reason for the approval of Starbucks. Because the cost of a cup of coffee is obviously not just raw materials, rents, labor, water and electricity, taxes, etc., etc. will eventually be spread into the price of coffee, which is a common sense problem.

      Question 2, depends on the feeling of service and enjoyment
"Starbucks" coffee, at present, can be said to be a fully market-oriented product, without a monopoly, the price is determined by the market, and, now, there are so many coffee shops, anyone has their own choice: If it is too expensive, you can refuse to consume; if you are willing to patronize, you can accept its price, or think that there is something that attracts you outside the price.
Although the price of "Starbucks" coffee is relatively high, people who have been to know know that the products and services it provides are really not picking. Good service and enjoyment are the reasons for attracting many people. Isn't the difference in star-rated hotels mainly in service? Just sleep, how five stars is so expensive? This is a good understanding, and you can enjoy better service.

      brushcredit cardDrinking coffee is still very affordable
Despite being approved, Xiaobian learned through the forum and various news that the people who visited Starbucks did not seem to have reduced, as if they had advertised Starbucks. Moreover, Starbucks and a number of banks now have activities, such as CITIC, China Merchants, Bank of Communications, etc., using points to enjoy delicious coffee, is very affordable.
Finally, Rong 360 Xiaobian suggested that in the face of such criticism, everyone should maintain a calm and careful analysis. In today's society, it is also necessary to spend money to buy things and enjoy better services, and to integrate material and spiritual enjoyment. It is the true embodiment of the taste of life. Brush credit card, both, why not?

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