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Why is the bad credit record not automatically eliminated after 5 years?

Time: 2013-10-18         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Hefei City, Anhui Province, raised the question on the 360 ​​question and answer platform: "I found that the overdue records of a few years ago have not been eliminated.Bad credit historyIs it not only for 5 years? Why 5 years later, bad credit records will still show up inCredit reportWhat about it? After asking in detail about Mr. Zhang's situation, it was originally due to a loan of 10,000 yuan owed by Mr. Zhang five years ago.

Perhaps many people will have a "bias" like Mr. Zhang's understanding that the bad credit record will be automatically eliminated after 5 years. In fact, the provisions of the new version of the “Regulations on Credit Management” are as follows: The time limit for the collection of personal bad information collected by the credit reporting agency shall not exceed 5 years, counting from the date of the bad behavior or the termination of the event. In the new report, the initial timing of the overdue information is set to October 2009, and only the past five years of overdue records are displayed. In other words, the overdue information that the regulators have paid off before 2009 can be unscathed.

According to the regulations, we also take Mr. Zhang's incident as an example. Suppose he produced a bad credit record on October 3, 2008. If the debt is repaid before September 2009, the bad credit record will be 10 in 2009. The month was eliminated, and Mr. Zhang would become a "gold medal winner" with a good credit history. However, if the loan has been in arrears during the period and will not be returned until October 16, 2013, the bad credit record will only “disappear” in 2018. In the nearly ten years from 2009 to 2018, Mr. Zhang is likely to make credit stains a stumbling block to re-borrowing, and even bury hidden dangers in all aspects of work and life, causing the negative impact of the “money”.

Specifically, there are many aspects that may be affected, and as the new policies introduced by local governments around credit records continue to increase, the role of credit records will only become more important on a day-to-day basis. For example, Jining City in 2010housing fundThe management center stipulates that if the employee has overdue repayment records within 12 months before applying for the housing provident fund to repay the housing loan, the employee and his spouse may not withdraw the balance of the housing provident fund account. For example, many banks refuse to lend to borrowers who have overdue for more than 90 days.

Therefore, in today's relatively perfect credit management system, borrowers must not be lucky, and mistakenly believe that any system will have loopholes, even if the arrears do not affect the future, credit stains will eventually It disappears automatically as time goes by. Mr. Zhang used the example of iron to tell us that everyone is equal before the facts. Here, Rong 360 reminds the majority of borrowers, do not have a bad record in a lifetime because of a bad record. At the same time, it is also necessary to inform the future "gold medal winners", what can be done to hold this medal in the hands. At least you should do the following:

Keep in mind the credit card and the credit card repayment date, and repay the credit card, mortgage, car loan and other loans on time every month; moderate overdraft within the scope of repayment ability, do not spend more than earned After the personal information changes such as contact information, contact the bank and update in time to ensure that the bank can contact you in the first time in an emergency. For example, when you move, you should inform the bank in time to ensure that the bill can be received as scheduled after the address changes, and you can also actively check the bill through the customer service hotline.

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