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Credit card withdrawal free of charge is really cost-effective
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In order to make an emergency, everyone sometimes has to withdraw cash. Now, some credit card withdrawals are free of charge. Then, is it not worthwhile to withdraw the credit card without charge? Today, Rong 360 Xiaobian takes you to find out.
In order to make an emergency, everyone sometimes has to withdraw cash. Now there are some credit card withdrawals that are free of charge. Is it not worthwhile to withdraw the free credit card? Today, Rong 360 Xiaobian takes you to find out.
Xiaobian takes the fee of 1000 yuan to pay the handling fee as an example for everyone to do as follows:
As can be seen in the figure, the withdrawal fee is 1,000 yuan, but the handling fee is very different. Citigroup and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank are up to 30 yuan. ICBC and Minsheng Bank are exempt from handling fees. Other banks have a majority of 10 yuan.
Then, Rong 360 Xiaobian used Ping An Bank as an example to explain to everyone: Ping An Bank’s withdrawal fee is 2.5%, and the minimum is 25 yuan/pen, meaning that it is cashed out by credit card, whether it is 2000 yuan or 100 yuan, its cash withdrawal fee. Both are 25 yuan. Moreover, credit card withdrawals do not enjoy interest-free periods, and they generate interest of five tenths of a day per day from the day of withdrawal.
The minimum handling fee for Citigroup and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is 30 yuan/pen, which is too high. In comparison, ICBC and Minsheng Bank's local cash withdrawal free handling fees are very cost-effective. Moreover, some banks' individual credit cards can also be free of charge. For example, Huaxia Bank's SMART card is the first free fee for the YOUNG card.
                 Merchants YOUNG card                           Huaxia SMART Card
Finally, Rong 360 Xiaobian reminds everyone that although there is now a credit card for cash-free, but it is not for the bank to give you money for free, or will generate interest, so when repaying, to the last repayment date Be sure to remember to pay off the interest together. Otherwise, if it is overdue, it will “smear” your credit history.

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