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No room no car a business card to hundreds of thousands of loans?

Time: 2013-10-16         Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily         Author: SanXiang

        When "honesty" has become a scarce social resource, the argument that banks or non-bank lending institutions "do you not own a car or get a mortgage loan" has become weaker and weaker and harder, and more and more financial institutions have jumped out of the jails of mortgages , Have launched credit loans.

On October 13, this reporter learned that quite a few banks in Hunan can borrow up to over 300,000 to 500,000 yuan on personal credit alone. They also allow SMEs to still obtain loans without proper collateral , Cracked the problem of loans difficult.

At the Gold Fair from October 17 to October 19, financial institutions participating in the exhibition will have no personal and corporate mortgageCredit Loans, For a detailed explanation and explanation, there will be a green channel for credit loans.

  Unsecured loan

Help small and micro businesses grow

In the first half of this year, with the continuous adjustment of the economic growth rate, the development of the real economy in our country, especially the development of small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, has been plagued by the fact that small businesses generally lack collateral; on the other hand, , Leading to financial transfusion often can not reach small and micro enterprises.

The reporter learned that more and more banks in Hunan have noticed the shortcomings of the traditional small and micro businesses. Many financial institutions, mostly in the form of pure credit loans, cracked the bottleneck of guarantee for micro-enterprises.

For example, the "Good Financial Loan" credit loan product launched by the Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank is to issue up to 2 million yuan of credit loans based on the transaction settlement and settlement account activity of small and micro enterprises without mortgage or guarantee. Changsha Chenlong Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. became the first company in Hunan Province to obtain the credit loan, the loan was 670,000 yuan.

At the end of September, Changsha Zhen'an Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a micro-enterprise engaged in the wholesale of mechanical equipment, hardware and electronic products, and electronic products, took only 10 working days to charge a mortgage with insufficient value for real estate and credit guarantee from the Bank of China Branch business department to obtain loans 1,600,000 yuan. According to statistics, as of the end of July, the bank's three pilot banks have formulated credit grants for 58 micro-enterprises, involving nearly 150 million yuan of financing needs.

Personal credit becomes real money

If the enterprise credit loans because the company has at least visible products and operations, then personal credit loans, it is the financial sector to social consumption escalation of business opportunities.

Mr. Chang, a Changsha national civil servant, recently wanted to buy a Honda car worth 34 to 40 million from a bank loan. Huarong Xiangjiang Bank launched the "honor benefits" consumer loans, just to meet his needs, a few days after the application to the bank, he received 200,000 car consumer loans.

It is understood that "honor benefits" is Huarong Xiangjiang Bank issued specifically for national civil servants for their personal and family loans.

Some people say that "honor and benefit" is more like an identity loan. So long as it is a loan of "loaning loan" issued by ICBC's Hunan Branch, as long as it is an aged customer with a credit standing of ICAO, Means for real-time loans. This innovative product using credit loans, without a mortgage, the system automatically approved, instantaneous arrival of funds, as long as the single spending amount can be over 600 yuan, not exceeding the amount of the client's credit line, based on single-family loan up to 60 Million.

AndGuangdong Development BankRecently, the "Business Card" launched by Changsha Branch integrates the financing functions of small and micro enterprises and the personal wealth management function of business owners. For short-term financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, card customers will enjoy a credit period of up to 5 years, The amount of 500,000 yuan of unsecured credit loans.

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