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Deposit discount is very popular, are you heartbeat?

Time: 2013-10-12         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

Recently, some citizens will receive similar text messages: "Profit deposits, 200,000 yuan, one year,Bank interest rate3.3%, the interest rate is 3.3%. If you are interested, please contact Manager Zhang at 13290904***. "When you see this, do you want to be motivated to try, or do you want to know what is a discount deposit?"

The so-called interest-bearing deposits are depositors who deposit money into the bank as required. In addition to the normal interest rate of the bank, there is an additional cash, which is usually referred to as a discount. The interest subsidy is refunded once, some are paid on the spot, and some are paid. Pay after time.

Xiao Wang was one of the people who received the above text message. After understanding the concept of discount deposits, he dialed the phone according to the phone number provided on the text message. The other party heard that Wang had to deposit, and immediately said some banks, most of them are small banks, some familiar, some strange. And each bank gives a different discount, you can choose. Xiao Wang chose a bank he was relatively familiar with and agreed to meet at the bank door. The other party drove a van and said to Xiao Wang: "You said that this person is asking you to save money. After you save it, come to me to collect the money." Xiao Wang took 200,000 yuan after the regular period, The fixed list is used to find this person, and the other party takes out the good interest amount and trades on the spot.

Formally, discount deposits are no different from ordinary deposits, and many investors can get andBank wealth management productsAlmost the benefits, naturally willing to join. However, there are hidden concerns behind the discount, and the public should raise awareness of risk prevention.

Because the main business of discount deposits is handled at the bank counter, many people think that there is almost no risk. In their view, the discounted portion can be cashed on the spot. After the deposit expires, the bank will then go to the bank to receive the normal deposit and interest. In fact, fraud cases involving the use of interest-bearing deposits have occurred from time to time.

Last year, three victims in Hangzhou were handcuffed by the suspects during the process of applying for interest-bearing deposits. As a result, the total deposits defrauded reached 40.5 million yuan. The swindler's crime process is divided into three steps: In the first step, Bank A's real account manager comes out and sends a message to the victim saying: Bank B has deposit-distribution products, with an annual interest rate of 12.5%, and the victim is tempted. In the second step, the real account manager introduces the liar (the counterfeit B bank account manager). At the B bank, the victim and the scammer deposit huge deposits in person. When signing the document, the liar moved his hands and feet, stuffed an online banking application form, and defrauded the victim to sign. The victim did not know at the time, and the liar secretly stole the U shield. In the third step, the victim's deposit was signed and he received a so-called “discount” of millions of yuan. After the swindler, he took the huge deposit of the victim through the online banking. It is reported that fraud cases such as interest-bearing deposits have also appeared in places such as Guangzhou.

In this regard, how to prevent the risk of discounted deposits? According to industry insiders, the intermediate link and the main body of the “distribution deposit” are banks. Therefore, the risk is relatively small, but it cannot be prevented. First of all, you have to go to the bank to handle the deposit yourself, and don't entrust the intermediary to make a deposit. For those who require investors to save money through an intermediary company, they should not hesitate to refuse. When handling the deposit business, each clause must be personally observed to prevent being unscrupulous. As for the risk of discounting, it is more important to consider.

Current discount deposits have two different modes of operation. One is to sign a guarantee that cannot be withdrawn in advance within one year after the deposit is made by the bank. The intermediary immediately pays a discount of 3% to 5%. This method is a less risky one; and another is with an intermediary. Sign the contract and receive the discount after the expiration of one year. Once the discount is obtained in this way, it is necessary to first evaluate the intermediary and determine whether it is reliable before signing the contract.

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