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Pro, do you know it?
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Even if you are every day in the online "net insects" do not necessarily understand the sub-treasure. Today, financial credit card experts to bring you into the sub-treasure of the world.
                Even if you are every day in the online "net insects" do not necessarily understand the sub-treasure. NowadaysFinancial 360 credit cardThe experts take you into the world of treasures.
What is the set points treasure?
Set by treasure is provided by the Alipay credit services, with cash value, you can use the money, 100 sets of treasures deducted 1 yuan.
Can you spend money?
Set treasure for Taobao, Lynx, No. 1 shop, the public comment more than 30 online stores.
Points arrived: Taobao shopping, alsocredit card, Pay the power of coal collects are likely to spend money, 100 sets of treasure arrived at 1 yuan. Financial 360 reminder, set the balance of the balance needs to be 10 to use the arrival function; arrived in the number of unlimited, set the treasure can be used all the time; payment failure, set sub-treasure will not be deducted, you can continue to use.
Points redemption: With "set sub-treasure + money" discount shopping can also use the full set of sub-Po exchange of goods.
Points donations: With the set of sub-love and donate money exactly the same.
I want a lot of treasure!
Financial 360 for everyone to sum up 4 points to get the sub-treasure method:
Points into the points: ① various points and set sub-treasure against each other. Such as: China Ping'an Miles 575 Miles Miles = 100 sets of treasures; Guangdong China Telecom 900 Telecom points = 500 set of treasures; days will be 1100 days treasure = 1000 set of sub-treasure. ② bank card points to meet the cash dividend cash. Such as:Industrial Bank500 Societe Generale points = 100 sets of treasures; Bank of Beijing 600 bank points = 100 sets of treasures; Nanjing Bank 400 bank points = 100 sets of sub-treasure.
Consumption rebate: Shopping consumption back to treasure, set hotel tickets, consumer success to send treasure.
Quest to earn: Adhere to the daily check-in, play break through the game, participate in the set of sub-treasure questionnaire also booked the hotel to buy lottery tickets and so have the opportunity to win the set of sub-treasure or set the treasure doubled back.
Card density: Business activities will be presented to set sub-card card, the user can recharge through the online or mobile phone recharge method to fill the sub-treasures when the money spent.
Finally melt 360 to remind you that the set is valid for 3 years, it is necessary to timely exchange not wasted.

【Exclusive manuscripts and disclaimers】 Where the "financial 360" source of the work, any media and individuals all or part of the reproduced, please indicate the source (melt 360 The information contained in the article and the conclusions of the user only for reference, does not constitute investment advice.

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