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Pro, do you understand the collection of treasure?
Editor: Wang HaoSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-09-25


Even if you are "net worms" that are soaked in the Internet every day, you don't necessarily know how to collect them. Today's 360 credit card experts will take you into the world of Treasury.
                Even if you are "net worms" that are soaked in the Internet every day, you don't necessarily know how to collect them. Nowadays360 credit cardExperts take you into the world of Treasury.
What is the set points treasure?
JiTanBao is a point service provided by Alipay. It has a cash value and can be used as money. A set of 100 points is used to deduct 1 Yuan.
Set points treasure can spend money?
Jifenbao is suitable for more than 30 online stores such as Taobao, Tmall, Yihaodian and Dazhongyi.
Credits: Taobao shopping, alsocredit card, Paying for coal and water, it is possible to spend money, 100 sets of points to reach 1 yuan. Fusion 360 reminds that the balance of the Treasury needs to use 10 full credits to use the cash-out function; there is no limit to the amount of credit, and the Treasure can be used once; if the payment fails, the Treasure will not be deducted and you can continue to use it.
Points redemption: You can also use the full set of sub-purchased to redeem your merchandise with the "Set Points + Money" discount shopping.
Points donation: It is the same as giving donations and donating money.
I want a lot of collection points!
Fusion 360 for everyone to sum up 4 points to get the method of collecting points treasure:
Points into: 1 various points and integration points treasure against each other. Such as: China Pingan Wanli Tong 575 Miles points = 100 points treasure; Guangdong China Telecom 900 telecommunications points = 500 points treasure; Day 1100 Tianhui Bao = 1000 points treasure. 2 The bank card points are divided into cash points and cash points. Such as:Industrial Bank500 Xingye points = 100 points treasure points; Beijing Bank 600 points = 100 points treasure points; Nanjing Bank 400 points = 100 points treasure points.
Consumer rebates: Shopping returns to collect sub-po, set the hotel ticket, the success of the consumer sent to collect treasure.
Earning tasks: Adhere to the daily check-in, play Shaoguan games, participate in the collection of sub-questionnaires, and book hotel airlines to purchase lottery tickets, and so on. All of them will have the chance to win points or treasure points and return them double.
Kami recharge: Business activities will be presented as a bonus card, users can use the online recharge or mobile phone recharge method to collect the treasure points when the money spent.
Finally melt 360 to remind everyone that the collection of treasure is valid for 3 years, oh, should not be wasted in time.

【Exclusive manuscript and disclaimer】All works and any media or individual that indicate the origin of “Furong 360” are reproduced in whole or in part. Please indicate the source (360 The information materials and conclusions contained in the article only provide users with reference and do not constitute investment advice.

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