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Deception keeps innovating, it looks like it’s safe, it’s risky.

Time: 2013-10-12         Source: China News Network         Author: China News Network

“Providing unsecured personal loans to the whole country”, “No need to meet directly to lend”, “No need to pay in advance, the monthly interest rate is only 1%”... These seemingly favorable loan terms, for many individuals and small micro eager to spend money Businesses are attractive. However, the reporter recently learned from the police that there are huge fraud traps behind these so-called unsecured loan advertisements. From the very beginning of the initial release, the name is charged to the upfront expenses, and now promises no need to pay in advance, but uses the copy bank card and the password. Other ways to conceal the payment. This new type of fraud-based fraud has changed so rapidly that it is not expected, and lenders must not be taken lightly.
Charge the upfront fee without lending
Xiaoye, who is preparing to start a business and own a small shop, has been worrying about starting funds for more than 100,000 yuan. Later, she still heard from friends that there are many unsecured and low-interest microfinance companies online. With the psychology of trying it out, Xiaoye found a so-called credit company through online search and called the manager Zhang.
"I want a short-term loan of 150,000 yuan. As a starting fund for opening a store, what should I do?"
"We do not need a mortgage for personal loans here, but the lender must have certain economic strength and repayment ability to ensure that the loan is used for legal business." Although the head is right, the manager’s proof of the actual need for the loan. However, the requirements are very low, as long as two copies of ID cards can be used.
Asked a series of questions such as repayment time and liability for breach of contract, Xiaoye felt that the loan provided by the company was convenient, and he immediately got the money, and decided to apply here. Immediately, Xiaoye provided personal information, including “name, gender, ID number, residence address”, etc., at the same time, and confirmed the amount, duration and use of the loan, and sent a copy of the ID card through the network. Gave the other party.
After only 5 minutes, there was a reply to the convenience, saying that Xiaoye’s loan application review had been approved and the company agreed to handle the unsecured loan for it, but the prerequisite is that Xiaoye needs to pay the interest for the first 3 months. “Pay interest is the company’s trading practice, and the purpose is mainly to confirm your ability to pay and the sincerity of the loan.” Manager Zhang explained this sudden expense.
"There is interest, it will be paid sooner or later." After thinking about this, Xiaoye felt that there was nothing unreasonable, and he quickly remitted 4,500 yuan to the other party according to the account provided by the other party.
Three days later, Xiaoye did not wait for the loan, the other party said that he was preparing for the loan, but he still needs to pay a deposit of 3,000 yuan. The interest in the first period has already been paid. Although Xiaoye complained a lot about the other party, he still remitted 3,000 yuan on the basis of the promise of the other party’s immediate loan. A few days later, the other party still did not release the money. Xiaoye had already had a faint unease. When he called the manager Zhang again, the other party actually proposed that Xiaoye continue to pay some fees. At this point, Xiaoye determined that this time he fell into the trap of the liar.
Yang Jianghao, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Fangshan Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, told reporters that this method of fraudulent use of premature charges was once the most important method of committing fraud in unsecured loan fraud cases. Almost 50% of borrowers will remit more than two times during the same loan deception process. The amount of deception is as small as several hundred yuan and as many as tens of thousands.
Express bank card is copied
The reporter learned that although the "advance payment" type of fraud has been popular, but with the increase in police crackdown and the increase in people's anti-fraud awareness, the success rate of this method has become lower and lower, and still is an unsecured loan. Signboards, but more insidious new forms of fraud are quietly debut.
In mid-August this year, Fangshan police successfully cracked a new type of loan fraud case. Manager Xiong, the head of the credit company that claims to be the "Wealth Resource Center", posted information on small unsecured loans through the QQ group.
In the process of applying for a loan, Xiong Manager’s request to the loan applicant is: apply for a blank bank card for the purpose of making a payment; send the original copy of the bank card and my ID card to SF Express. Company; the company “packages” its identity, including making documents for work in Beijing, proof of credit, proof of income, etc., and then using these documents to apply for unsecured loans to the bank; after the loan application is completed, the company will bank The card will be sent back to the applicant intact.
In this seemingly standardized loan process, mailing addresses have become an important scam. The mailing address provided by the bear manager to each applicant is “Xiangxiang A Street Industrial and Commercial Bank” and the recipient is Zhang Weiqiang (a pseudonym). The address of this ICBC is indeed true. Even Zhang Weiqiang is indeed the bank’s Staff. Many applicants were convinced of the authenticity of the company after verifying this information.
What is going on here? Yang Jianghao said that the liar gang has nothing to do with the bank and does not know Zhang Weiqiang. Although the address provided by them is real, the telephone number that can be reserved is the gang member Luo. In this case, the courier will find the counterfeit Zhang Weiqiang in the process of contacting the recipient by calling the phone, and the courier will fall into the hands of Luo.
For a group of bear managers, the purpose of receiving a blank bank card is not to apply for a loan, but to copy it. When the bank card is copied, they will send back the bank card, ID card and other materials to the applicant. The operator in the liar group will call the applicant, saying that the loan has been applied for, and at the same time, the applicant is required to enter the interest of the bank card for three months as the deposit.
At this point, the applicant often thinks that the bank card is in his own hands, and the password does not tell the other party. There is no risk in playing money in his card. I don’t know if this is the key link for the liar to swindle money. After the applicant deposits the funds, the scammer will ask the other party to enter the bank card password by phone on the grounds of confirming the deposit information, and the scammer's phone is actually a special phone with a voice function, which can display the number entered by the other party. This makes it easy to get the password for the applicant's bank card.
With the duplicated credit card and the password, the so-called three-month interest paid by the applicant has become a scam.
Withdrawal of depositor information
In many cases, in order to be able to weave a more tempting and concealed scam, the scammers are constantly doing research, and the scams are constantly being upgraded, making it impossible to prevent.
In another case that Fangshan police had previously cracked, the suspect also used low-interest loans as a bait. However, in the process of fraud, they do not need to pay any fees in advance, nor do they need to mail the original credit card, but only require the customer to mail a copy of the ID card and a copy of the bank card on the grounds that they need to be audited.
After receiving the documents submitted by the client, the suspect will lie that he has obtained the loan after reviewing the approval, and then ask the customer to apply for a brand new bank card at the designated bank for loan and repayment. Moreover, the suspect will ask the customer to open the mobile banking and telephone banking functions while handling the bank card, and bind the telephone banking and mobile banking to the suspect's telephone number, and then inform the bank card password. In this regard, the suspect's explanation is that the funds can be tracked at any time after they have released the loan, and the customer's monthly repayments and interest can be easily retrieved from the card.
For those who apply for loans in general, they have handled a blank bank card, which does not have a penny of their own. Even if they tell the other party's bank card password, there will be no loss. Under this mentality, most people will generously implement them according to the requirements of the scammers. After a while, many people found that the deposits in their other bank savings card had been inexplicably turned away.
It turned out that in this loan process that seems to be “safe and worry-free”, the scammer cleverly used the free transfer service between the existing bank cards of some banks.
For example, if a depositor uses his own name to handle two bank cards at the same time in a certain bank, then when he logs in to the online bank or telephone bank with his identity information, he can easily transfer money between the two bank cards. No special safety confirmation is required.
"This kind of fraud model, from the beginning to the end of the loan applicants do not need to pay or deposit a penny, it seems safe, in fact, it faces greater risks." Yang Jianghao said.

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