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First-tier and second-tier city banks’ latest mortgage information collected
The “golden nine silver ten” mortgage market, which was supposed to be booming, became very embarrassing because the bank quota tightened the uninvited guest who made the halfway effort. On the one hand, the buyers’ house buying enthusiasm continued unabated. On the other hand, bank lending was not awesome. Which banks can still lend? How much does the interest rate increase? Today we will take a look at the latest mortgage information of banks.
North Gosei Bank Mortgage Information
      With small profits and tight quotas, mortgages have become a truly "chicken rib" for banks. From the first-tier cities, the "suspension of loan suspension" that has begun to intensify, and there is currently no tendency to stop. Now that half a month has passed, what is the situation in the north, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen? The following 360 will provide you with a full range of interpretation.
Second-tier city bank mortgage information
      "Stop the loan boom" did not stop at the first-tier cities, but spread to second and third-tier cities on a large scale. At present, how are the mortgage loans handled by banks in second-tier cities? Can the status of tight credits have a big change in the near future? In response to these concerns, we will analyze Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Hefei.
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