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The latest mortgage information of first-tier and second-tier city banks
The “Golden September and Silver 10” mortgage market, which should have been booming, has become very embarrassing because the bank’s quota has tightened the uninvited guests who have been killed in the middle of the road. On the one hand, the enthusiasm for buying a house is not diminished, and on the other hand, the bank’s lending is not awesome. Which banks can still borrow? How much has the interest rate increased? Today we will take stock of the latest mortgage information from banks.
Beishang Guangshen Bank Mortgage Information
      With small profits and tight quotas, mortgages have become a real “chicken rib” for banks. The “stop-to-lending tide” that has erupted from the first-tier cities has intensified, and there is no trend of dying. Now half a month has passed, what is the situation of going north and deep? The following 360 will provide you with a comprehensive interpretation.
Second-tier city bank mortgage information
      The “stopping the tide” has not stopped in the first-tier cities, but has spread to the second- and third-tier cities on a large scale. At present, what is the handling of mortgages in banks in second-tier cities? Can the situation of tight quotas be greatly changed in the near future? For the most concerned issues, we will analyze them in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Hefei.
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