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First - tier second - tier cities Bank latest mortgage information collection
The original should be booming "gold nine silver ten" mortgage market, but because the bank line to tighten the halfway out of the uninvited guest and become very embarrassing, on the one hand the purchase of the family to buy a house warm and unabated, on the other hand the bank's lending is not awesome. Which banks can lend? How much does the interest rate increase? Today, we come to inventory the latest local bank mortgage information.
North of Guangshen Bank mortgage information
      Profit is small, the amount of tight, mortgage on the bank has become a real "tasteless." From the first-tier cities began to break out of the "blacksmith wave" intensified, there is no collapse of the trend. Now half a month passed, north of Guangshen situation how? Below the financial 360 will be your full interpretation.
Second - tier city bank mortgage information
      "Stop wave" did not stop in the first-tier cities, but large-scale spread to the second and third tier cities. At present, second-tier cities of the banks for the mortgage situation? The amount of tension in the near future can have a greater change? For those of our most concerned about the issue, we will be Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei as the representative of the analysis.
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