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Finding out the rules is the key to successful loan guarantees

Time: 2013-09-03         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Chen Li

As the saying goes, it's not hard to borrow money and borrow it again. This may be all you know, but not everyone can do it. Some people say that "the power of ideology determines the power of action." Therefore, we must find out the rules for borrowing and lending, and we must know how to do it. Only in this way can we guarantee the smooth flow of lending in the future. Next, let's take a look at what the bank’s lending rules are. Don't accidentally turn it into a "black house" and you don't know it.

Banks generally only look at the credit status of the past two years. Most banks limit the overdue period. They cannot be twice in the last three months, three times in the last six months, and four times in one year. If it exceeds the prescribed range, there may be a direct rejection when refinancing. However, if one's own bad record is caused by carelessness, for example, because of negligence and overdue payment of 1-2 times, you can find a bank to open a non-malicious overdue certificate. With this proof, go to the lending bank again to apply for a loan. However, if the borrower is included in the blacklist of the credit system,Bad credit historyIt will take only five years before it is cleared, and only then will it be possible to apply for a loan from the bank. This is also something banks and customers would not like to see.

If the borrower has a bad credit record, but "the crime does not die", he may face the following results:

1. The loan amount has decreased. That is, suppose you want to run a propertyMortgage, could have applied for a loan of 1 million, but because of bad records, the bank only gave you half of 1 million, that is 500,000.

2,Lending ratesincreased. For example, if you normally apply for a loan, you can enjoy a 7-point annual interest rate, but because of a bad credit history, the bank has to approve your loan on the premise that you must pay 8 points.

This shows that no matter how bad the credit record is, it will have an adverse effect on your future re-borrowing. Therefore, it is very important for you to take good care of your personal credit.

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