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Clear the rules are key to successful borrowing guaranteed

Time: 2013-09-03         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Chen Li

As the saying goes, good borrow is also not difficult to borrow, this reason we may all know, but not everyone can do. Some people say that "thinking power to decide the driving force", so we must understand the rules of borrowing, know how to do in order to ensure that the future of the loan journey all the way through. Next, let's see what the bank's lending rules are. Do not accidentally turned into a "black", but they are completely unknown.

Banks generally look at the credit situation of the last two years, most banks are overdue limit is not nearly two months, two times, nearly three months can not be three times a year can not have four times. If more than the required range, then the re-loan is directly rejected the possibility. But if their bad records are caused by careless, for example, because the negligence and overdue repayment 1-2 times, you can find a bank on behalf of the non-malicious overdue proof, by virtue of this proof to the loan bank to apply for loans again. However, if the borrower is included in the credit system blacklist,Bad credit recordIt will take five years to be cleared, and then have the opportunity to apply for loans to the bank, which is the banks and customers are reluctant to see.

If the borrower has had a bad credit record, but "the crime is not dead", may face the following results:

1, the number of loans reduced. In other words, suppose you want to do the propertyMortgage, Could have applied to 1 million loans, but because of the impact of bad records, the bank only granted you one million half, that is 500,000.

2,Lending ratesincreased. For example, if you apply for a loan, you can enjoy an annual interest rate of seven points, but because you have a bad credit record, the bank approves your loan on the assumption that you have to pay eight points.

It can be seen, regardless of the extent to which the credit record is bad, will adversely affect your future borrowings. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain your personal credit.

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