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Bank installment mall payment only recognizes the home card
Editor: Wu YueSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-09-02


Since the use of credit cards has become extremely common, banks have introduced various incentives to increase the cardholder's use of cards. In addition to the points for gifts, designated merchants have a discount, the banks have also created an online staging mall, cardholders can choose to shop in this mall
Since the use of credit cards has become extremely common, banks have introduced various incentives to increase the cardholder's use of cards. In addition to the points for gifts, designated merchants have a discount, the banks have also created an online installment mall, cardholders can choose to shop in this mall, but the biggest problem with this mall is that the payment must be used after the selection of the goods The credit card of the line, his line card does not support payment!
It is understood that on the websites of bank shops such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, ICBC, and Bank of Communications, almost all the price of goods is marked by the price of installment payment, and supports customers to use loans to purchase goods. It looks like an ordinary e-commerce website, it is an open shopping platform, but in the payment process, it only "recognizes its own card." This makes many netizens have a headache. You can't go to the bank to apply for a credit card in order to buy a product from the online store of the bank!
In fact, it is reasonable for banks to only recognize their own customers. But this is the "double-edged sword" that protects its own interests, which has affected the sales of the bank mall. For example, China Merchants Bank, in the newly-launched online shopping mall, has only three or five transactions for most commodities, and some group purchases and limited-time purchases have only sold more than 30 orders. The phased business, which has always been regarded as the core competitiveness of the credit card mall, has gradually lost its advantage. In the case of Bank of Communications, many of the products in its online store “Bob Bo” show “no transaction record” in the transaction record column.
In fact, the problem of the bank e-commerce website is not only the one that only recognizes the home card, but also there are many places for improvement. For example, the price update is slow, after the price of the goods in the physical store drops, the original price is still on the website; the quality of the goods and the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, and the online shopping malls of the banks mostly cooperate with the merchants, and the banks are only responsible for the collection and payment, such as goods. The provision of, logistics and return and exchange are all the responsibility of the merchant, and the bank does not assume responsibility for this.
On August 6, the official website of the Industrial Bank Credit Card issued a “closed business” announcement, announcing that the bank will officially close the Industrial Bank Credit Card Online Instalment Mall on August 31, 2013. This is also alert to the online malls of other banks. To continue to develop, it is necessary to further improve the business model.

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