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Nanjing's six major featured products "shining" debut
With the rapid growth of microfinance companies, the pressure on banks is multiplying instantaneously. In an environment where competition is intensifying, what are the “killers” on both sides to gain more market share? Rong 360 has selected 6 featured products, so let's take a look at which one is the best for you.
The capital you have to have to get quality products
      It is not enough to recommend products. As the saying goes, “Giving people and fish is not as good as giving people and fishing.” If this topic does not have a product that suits you, you can use this method to find better products. However, there is good light. The products are not enough. In order to get the loan “passport” smoothly, you need to know more about the precautions.
Affordable for the king, low interest rate product sharing
      Perhaps you think that low-interest credit loan products are not easy to pass, but as long as you match their requirements, there is a chance of success. The two products recommended for you today are very close to the user's qualification requirements. EasyGold is suitable for users with good income or occupational stability, while unsecured quick loans are for users who have a mortgage record in the past 1 year and have been repaying for more than 6 months. If you think you have "close" to you, apply.
屌丝 counterattacks Low-income groups also have "spring"
      Both salary and salary loans are suitable for users with lower monthly income, and only need to reach 2000 yuan. The interest rate is almost the same. For example, the application for 100,000 yuan and one year is the total cost of wages and loans is 28,600 yuan, which is only 600 yuan more than the salary and salary. Another advantage of salary and loan is that the loan speed is relatively fast. However, relatively speaking, it will allow users to submit more application materials. Therefore, you need to combine the advantages and disadvantages to choose the right product.
Another look at the world, two unusual products
      In order to meet the needs of different users, Rong 360 has found two extraordinary products for the majority of users. Specifically, salary loans not only support the form of wages for bank flows, but also support users who have deposited their own cash for 12 months. In addition, users who often have loan demand can choose Tongbao Platinum Card, which not only has reasonable interest collection, but also has the advantage that users can apply for one time, recycle, and enjoy the convenient service with the loan.
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