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Is that so good? Is the loan worth?

Time: 2013-08-15         Source: melt 360 original         Author: bamboo

Mr. Lee recently to change the car, he fancy a high-end car, the price of about 40 million, after the price, he intends to buy the whole car. However, the sales consultant suggested that I hope he can loan to pay the car, if the loan to buy, then you can enjoy 1 year zero interest rate. And the rest of the money, Mr. Lee can be used to do business or for other purposes.

The recommendations of consumer advisers reasonable, Mr. Lee should be theLoan to buy a carWhat? In fact, the standard is not difficult to judge, from the following three points can be measured:

One is their ability to pay.Loan carOf the customers, most of the business people or white-collar workers, choose a loan, which means that after the monthly fixed expenditure increased. Parking fees, fuel costs, maintenance costs and other costs, the minimum monthly have more than 1,000 yuan. If it is to save money for business turnover, you need to consider the success or failure of business, in case of failure, when the car can not be on the month, may be forced to recover.

Second, cost and income. Many people in the car, was low down payment, low interest rates, low month for the attracted, but the cost is low and not completely free. "My friend's car is the whole money to buy, there is no concessions, I would have to buy the whole amount, but the car dealers have given me a loan to buy a car, one year, do not pay interest, just pay Down payment, for more than 4000 yuan per month on it, of course, also received my $ 3,000 fee "had a car to buy a car experience Mr. He said. In fact, the loan car is nothing more than save a lot of money spending, for white-collar workers, the money can be used as an emergency reserve to cope with possible large spending, you can also take out part of the investmentFinancial management, There will be some income; for business owners, if the need for cash flow, loans to buy cash can ease the cash pressure.

Third, preferential efforts. If you encounter zero interest rates, zero for the time, the fee is not high, the car can take the way the loan, after all, the remaining funds can be used for other purposes. In addition, if there is no one-time payment of concessions, car buyers can also consider which kind of payment is more suitable for their own.

As to why vendors are keen to let consumers loan to buy a car, because it can earn some fees from it. Now the car sales competition is fierce, if the price of the profits are not high, the seller will certainly earn some money from other sources, such as licensing fees, loan costs and so on. In general, the loan fee is the fastest, loan a car, the fee from 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan range.

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