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Can a credit card pay a taxi fare?
Editor: Wu YueSource: melt 360 originalDate: 2013-07-25


Heard a taxi on the wifi, Alipay has been able to pay a taxi fare, but you have heard the credit card can also pay a taxi fare it? Zhengzhou, the first bank can pay a bank card payment taxi on the 20th in the streets of Zhengzhou.
Heard a taxi on the wifi, Alipay has been able to pay a taxi fare, but you heardcredit cardCan I pay a taxi fare? Zhengzhou, the first bank can pay a bank card payment taxi on the 20th in the streets of Zhengzhou.
It is understood that Zhengzhou, the brother himself in a taxi to install a set of credit card payment facilities. The brother said: "This set of credit card facilities is very simple, a POS machine and a smart phone, POS machine cost only 400. I downloaded a smart phone on your own card software, with data lines The phone and the POS machine can be used to connect, the whole operation is very simple, installed in the taxi on the mobile POS machine and usually used in the store credit card machine, as long asUnionPay cardsAnd credit cards can brush. "
Perhaps you will have a doubt on the safety of the card, this is no need to worry about. CUP departments to provide POS machines with encryption means, from the technical level to protect the cardholder's personal information security.
Moreover, the credit card does not have the minimum amount, the passenger even if only the starting price of money can also credit card. As for why the brother can buy pos machine, because he is the identity of the self-employed to buy, and the fee is not expensive. Moreover, this can save the time to change, to pull more passengers, to facilitate the passengers, but also convenient brother.

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