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Can a credit card also pay for a taxi?
Editor: Wu YueSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-07-25


I heard that there is wifi in the taxi and I heard that Alipay can pay the taxi fare. But can you pay the taxi fare if you have heard the credit card? The taxi that was paid by Zhengzhou’s first bankcard can be seen on the streets of Zhengzhou on the 20th of this month.
I heard that there is wifi on the taxi and I heard that Alipay can pay the taxi fee, but you heard itcredit cardCan I pay for the taxi? The taxi that was paid by Zhengzhou’s first bankcard can be seen on the streets of Zhengzhou on the 20th of this month.
It is understood that the brother of Zhengzhou himself installed a credit card payment facility in the taxi. The elder brother said: "The facility for paying by credit card is very simple. A POS machine and a smart phone, the POS machine costs only 400 yuan. I downloaded a swipe software on my smart phone and used a data cable. Connecting a mobile phone to a POS machine can be used. The entire operation is very simple. The mobile POS installed on the taxi is similar to the one used in the store, as long as it isUnionPay cardsBoth credit cards and credit cards are available. ”
Maybe you will also have doubts about the security of your credit card. This is even more unnecessary. The POS machines provided by the UnionPay unit are equipped with encryption methods to protect the cardholders' personal information from a technical perspective.
Moreover, there is no minimum limit for swiping cards, and passengers can swipe their cards even if they only pay for the starting price. As for why this brother can buy the pos machine, it is because he purchased as a self-employed person, and the fee is not expensive. In addition, this will save time for change, increase the number of passengers, and make it easier for passengers and convenience.

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