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Agricultural Bank of China Hubei Branch Poverty Alleviation Loan

Time: 2013-07-24         Source: Agricultural Bank         Author: Agricultural Bank

  Poverty alleviation loanis ChinaABCAccording to the "China Rural Poverty Alleviation and Development Program (2001-2010)", a highly policy-oriented loan was established to support the economic development of key poverty-stricken areas and the rural poor to lift poverty and increase income.

Loan object
Poverty alleviation loans are mainly used in key counties and poverty-stricken villages for national poverty alleviation and development, and focus on supporting leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization (including intermediary organizations such as farmers' brokers, associations and large-scale enterprises) to solve the problem of poverty-stricken households' food and clothing and increase income. Appropriately support small and medium-sized infrastructure construction and social undertaking projects in rural areas (including small towns).

Loan conditions
In order to ensure that poverty alleviation loans are really used for poverty alleviation projects in key national support areas, the Agricultural Bank of China mainly selects projects within the scope of the loan project library jointly determined by the provincial poverty alleviation department and the provincial finance department. Before issuing loans, the Bank must obtain approval from the local financial department and the poverty alleviation department.

Projects with a poverty alleviation loan of more than 100 million yuan will be reported to the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office for the record.
Loan amount
The amount of the specific loan project of the specific project depends on the amount approved by the authorized department (financial and poverty alleviation departments).
Loan term

The duration of the poverty alleviation loan is determined by the financial institution independently of the actual production cycle.

  Lending rates
The poverty alleviation loan interest subsidy is implemented in the form of direct financial replenishment to the enterprise. The loan bank receives the loan interest in full according to the relevant regulations of the People's Bank of China and the loan pricing requirements. The discount rate is 3% per annum and the interest period is 1 year.

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