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Beware of credit card fees, bank card installment fees rose
Editor: Wu YueSource: Rong 360 originalDate: 2013-05-28


In February this year, the National Development and Reform Commission lowered the bank card handling fee, and the bank credit card business greatly reduced its revenue. To compensate for the losses caused by the reduction of merchant credit card swipe fees, many banks have started to increase credit card installment fees, but most cardholders are still Do not

In February of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission lowered the bank card processing fee, and the bank credit card business greatly reduced revenue. To offset the losses caused by the reduction of merchant credit card swipe fees, many banks have started to increaseCredit card stagingPayment fees, but most cardholders are unaware of the fact that consumers who pay in installments must pay for the reduction of card credit card fees.

It is understood that since February 25 this year, POS machine merchants officially reduced the fee for card services by 23% to 24%, of which restaurants and entertainment businesses reduced by as much as 37.5%. So many banks have raised their instalment fees. From April 1,Everbright BankThe number of installments and rates for the credit card "IN-time loan" billing business will be adjusted. When the bills are repaid in 6 and 9 periods, there is a big difference between the fees before and after the bills. In case of repayment in 6 installments, the fee rate was increased from 3.8% previously to 4.6%; in 9-month repayment, the fee rate was raised from 5.5% to 6.4%. That is to say, assuming that the public handled the bank's 100,000 yuan credit card installment business and repay it in 9 installments, the handling fee required after adjustment would be 900 yuan more.

State-owned banks are no exception.Construction BankSaid that the current implementation of credit card fee concessions stopped on April 15, and adjusted from May 8. For comparison, the fee rate before and after adjustment is divided into 6 periods. For example, if the total installment amount is above 80,000 yuan, only 0.56% of the total amount will be charged per period. However, after adjustment, the fee charged for each period will be 0.7% of the total amount.

The bank's credit card installment fee rates are very different. Taking a single credit card consumption of 10,000 yuan as an example, if the repayment is carried out in 12 installments, the lowest transaction fee rate is 4.48%, while the highest transaction fee rate is 8.5%, and the spread exceeds 400 yuan. It is reported that the credit card installment fee rate standard is set by the banks themselves, and there is no uniform standard, so the difference in the level of fees is relatively large. It is recommended that the public “compared with the three.”

Here we need to remind everyone that the claims of credit card installments by a number of banks are not interest. It does not mean that there are no fees. Consumers still have to pay a fee. Therefore, it is best for cardholders to carefully choose whether or not to use credit card installments according to their actual situation.

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