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CITIC Bank Credit Card Points Conversion Rules
Editor: CITIC BankSource: CITIC BankDate: 2013-05-27


First, the participation qualification 1, the integral plan applies to all CITIC Bank credit card holders (hereinafter referred to as "cardholder"), CITIC Bank Credit Card Center (hereinafter referred to as "Card Center") special provisions do not participate in the division plan. Such as: aviation class joint card of the consumer
                First, to participate in the qualification
1, the points plan applies to all CITIC Bank credit card holders (hereinafter referred to as "cardholder"), CITIC Bank Credit Card Center (hereinafter referred to as "Card Center") special provisions do not participate in the division plan. Such as: aviation class joint card spending points will all be automatically converted to the corresponding airline mileage.

2, if the cardholder appears in the following circumstances, including but not limited to: violation of CITIC credit card regulations, in violation of CITIC credit card contract, credit card expired, was disabled, control, cardholders cancel their own cards, owed credit card or CITIC Bank Of the other debt is not repaid, there are bad records, the card center has the right to cancel the cardholder to participate in the program of the qualifications.
Second, the scope of integration
1, the cardholder to use CITIC Bank credit card in the catering category, hotel class, department store, super class and other retail business card credit card, through the card center merchandise mail and the use of CITIC Bank credit card can be accumulated cash Except for transactions that are not accounted for under this points.

2, the following transaction types will not calculate points
(1) credit card annual fee, handling fees, overrun charges, recycling interest, late fees, other credit card charges;

(2) through the withholding, payment method to pay the relevant costs;

(3) mall staging transaction "September 14, 2006 (including September 14)", the mall business under the staging of any transaction does not enjoy the card center consumer bonus points);

(4) All online payment transactions (except for transactions specified by the network card);

(5) wholesale transactions;

(Including, but not limited to, cars, real estate sales, wholesale businesses, public schools, hospitals, telecommunications, finance (including banking and securities), insurance (6) low deduction rates, zeros, and special types of merchant transactions , Social services and non-profit institutions;

(7) through the non-normal means or non-personal consumption transactions and other malicious set of credit card points trading behavior, the card center to retain the cardholder's legal rights and the gift of the points and gift has been redeemed;

(8) blue card take the transaction;

(9) other items specified by CITIC Card Center;

(10) All consumer transactions belonging to the following categories of merchandise do not participate in CITIC Bank credit card points accumulated.

Merchant category name Merchant category code
General contractors - residential and commercial buildings 1520
Real Estate Agents - Real Estate Brokers 7013
Activity car dealers 5271
Car Truck Dealers - Sale, Service, Repair, Parts and Lease of New and Used Cars 5511
Car Truck Dealers - Specialize in sales, service, maintenance, spare parts and rental of used cars 5521
Vessel sellers 5551
Travel trailers, amusement car dealers 5561
Motorcycle stores and resellers 5571
Camping, car marketers 5592
Snow car dealers 5598
Automobile, aircraft, agricultural locomotive integrated operators 5599
Motor vehicle supply and spare parts (wholesalers) 5013
Office and business furniture (wholesalers) 5021
Do not include other code of the building materials wholesale (wholesalers) 5039
Office, photocopying and miniature photographic equipment (wholesalers) 5044
Computer, computer peripheral (wholesaler) 5045
Commercial equipment not included in other codes (wholesalers) 5046
Dental / Laboratory / Medical / Ophthalmic Hospital Equipment & Supplies (Wholesaler) 5047
Metal products service providers and companies (wholesalers) 5051
Electrical parts and equipment (wholesalers) 5065
Hardware equipment and supplies (wholesalers) 5072
Pipes and heating equipment (wholesalers) 5074
Stationery, office supplies, copy paper and writing paper (wholesalers) 5111
Drugs, Drug Operators (Wholesalers) 5122
Fabrics, sewing supplies and other textiles (wholesalers) 5131
Men and women and children's uniforms and clothing (wholesalers) 5137
Footwear (wholesalers) 5139
Oil and petroleum products (wholesalers) 5172
Books, periodicals and newspapers (wholesalers) 5192
Flowers and trees, nursery stock and flowers (wholesalers) 5193
Paint, varnish supplies (wholesalers) 5198
Other wholesalers 5998
Pawnshop 5933
public hospital 8062
Primary and secondary schools (public) 8211
Ordinary colleges and universities (public) 8220
Charity and social welfare services organization 8398/8399
Fine 9222
Bail 9223
Tax payment 9311
Government services not included in other codes (social security services, national compulsory) 9399
Embassy charges 9400
Political organization (government agency) 8651
Court fees, including alimony and child support 9211
Public utilities (electricity, gas, water, cleaning) 4900
Direct - insurance direct sales 5960
Insurance sales, insurance and insurance 6300
Large enterprises wholesale business 5398
Tobacco distribution 4458
Second class business (1) (county and township concessions) Temporary 9704
Second class business (2) (county and township concessions) Temporary 9705
Four types of business (county and township concessions) Temporary 9708
UnionPay Internet Special shop number: 0101-00999990013

Note: (1) consumer transactions, including but not limited to the above categories of business, are not involved in CITIC Bank credit card points accumulated;

(2) listed in the Merchant category code (MCC) and the name of the relevant provisions of China UnionPay and with the adjustment;

(3) merchant category to business POS machine set the business category code shall prevail, please contact the special merchants and the collection of institutions;

(4) CITIC Bank does not bear any liability if it accrues accumulated points due to the incorrect use of the Merchant Category Code by the Client or the Merchant;

(5) The CITIC Card Center reserves the right to adjust the above non-integral business category.

3, CITIC credit card points only applies to this credit plan, does not constitute the cardholder's assets. The points under the same cardholder's primary account can be combined, but not transferred to other cardholders or third parties. Non-credit card points (including but not limited to joint card business points) can not be combined with credit card points under cardholder name.

Third, the integral calculation method
1, the use of CITIC Bank credit card credit or cash generated by the points in the bank the next day to take effect. For details, please refer to the table below. The card center reserves the right to adjust the conversion ratio.

Type Card name Points
General card Standard cards and other general credit cards Puka (consumption or cash)
RMB1 / HKD1 = 1 point USD1 / EUR1 = 8 points
Gold card, titanium card, platinum card (consumption or cash)
RMB1 / HKD1 = 2 points USD1 / EUR1 = 16 points
Featured cards Express card, magic card Puka (consumption or cash)
RMB1 / HKD1 = 1 point USD1 / EUR1 = 8 points
* Monthly consumption (including cash) up to RMB1200 (inclusive) or more, can receive an additional 0.5 times the points, the additional score of not more than 1500 points.

Gold card, titanium card, platinum card (consumption or cash)
RMB1 / HKD1 = 2 points USD1 / EUR1 = 16 points
* Monthly consumption (including cash) up to RMB3500 or more, can receive an additional 1 times the points, the additional score of not more than 5000 points.
Tencent QQ joint card, Phoenix Network joint card, Taobao joint card and other network category joint card RMB1 / HKD1 = 1 point USD1 / EUR1 = 8 points
* Monthly consumption (including cash) up to RMB2000 (inclusive) or more, you can receive an additional 1 times the points. Such as single month account transactions less than RMB2000, the transaction can get 1 times points.

Network class joint card points cumulative rules please click:Http:// 
Wyatt card points cumulative rules please click:Http: // 
CITIC Huimian Fu Jinbao joint card cumulative rules please click:Http: //

2, the cardholder birthday consumption, cash transactions to obtain double points, with the above points to enjoy the rules at the same time. Monthly transactions refer to transactions that have been booked on the last day of the month of the cardholder 's birthday, and the unrecorded transaction is not presented; the bonus points will be credited to the cardholder' s account in the next natural month of the cardholder 's birthday; Offer is limited to main card transactions.
3, the cardholder for any reason to charge the goods or services to return the consumer, or for the consumption of consumer disputes or other reasons to return the transaction money (such as return), or cancel the cash advance transaction, the cardholder has been made Of the points will be deducted from the card center based on the amount of the transaction amount, according to the proportion of the deduction points. Such as the deduction of the corresponding points before the cardholder has been used to redeem points points, resulting in its credit card account without enough points can be deducted, the card center deducted credit card account in the credit balance, Part, in the cardholder points account in the negative points, to be cardholders in the future to add points to make up. Cardholder account when there is negative points, not to sell households. Must be accumulated through the accumulated points to make up for the account of the negative points before they can apply for sales.

Fourth, the integral validity period
1, card account points valid for up to two years, the shortest one year. The period of the credit card opening date (excluding the same day) is the period of validity of the credit for the second year (excluding the year) from the beginning of the calendar year. If the points are not overdue, they will be zeroed. The same time as the above-
For example, if you successfully apply for a CITIC Credit Card on April 15, 2007, your credit generated from April 15, 2007 to April 14, 2008 will expire on April 15, 2009; From January 15 to April 14, 2009, the points generated by consumption will expire on April 15, 2010. And so on, so your points will enjoy a maximum of 24 months, the shortest 12 months of validity. You can check your credit card statement to learn about your available total points and points of maturity.

2, if the cardholder account is not sufficient points, and only apply for the same gift, the redemption request will be automatically canceled. If the customer at the same time apply for a variety of gifts, the system randomly selected to cancel the redemption of the points of the lack of gift items.
3, the cardholder will not be able to use the account if the account is insufficient or the credit card account is in an abnormal state (including but not limited to the card is frozen, the seller and other terms of the terms and conditions of paragraph 1) Points to redeem gifts. Cardholder self-marketing card, and the card account is still valid points, you can choose to use the credit card before the exchange of gifts. Or the cardholder can apply for the transfer of the part of the points to other CITIC credit card main card account (transfer of the prerequisite is that the card has been credited account account is still valid). If the cardholder has all CITIC credit cards have been sold or expired, the cardholder has no right to continue to use the points.

Fifth, the gift exchange rules
1, the integral gift exchange only the main card cardholder suggested that the same cardholder name of the different CITIC credit card points can be used in the exchange, the system will be cardholders to provide the card order deduction points. Different card holders can not be used in combination.
2, the cardholder can use the "points" or "points + pays amount" way to exchange gifts, if the customer choose "points + pays amount" of the way, can only use the cardholder to apply for CITIC credit card as Payment tool. When the credit card amount is insufficient, the system will automatically cancel the application.
3, the cardholder can only for their own name of the main card or subsidiary card points to apply for an annual coupon, can not apply for other cards to apply for annual fee, annual fee per card per year apply only once. And the annual fee conversion period for the first year after the annual fee generated by the annual fee began, the first year of annual fee shall not use the points exchange. Be sure to apply for an annual coupon fee to the card center after the annual bill is generated.

4, the cardholder exchange of the airline flight mileage / flight points to use the method please refer to and comply with the airline's published terms and conditions of service.
5, all conversion applications accepted, that can not be canceled or changed. The required redeem points will be deducted from the designated account. The exchange transaction will be stated on the next statement.

6, gift delivery address will default to the cardholder's statement address, if you need to change the billing address, please call customer service hotline to modify the billing address and then submit the conversion request.
7, due to communication, delivery address error, overdue collar cardholder personal reasons lead to gift delivery failed, since the submission of orders within 90 days, the card call to re-distribution, the card center can charge secondary delivery costs, Specific charges according to the domestic post office or courier company standard collection. For more than 90 days, the order is deemed to be canceled and the deducted redemption points will be returned to the cardholder's account. If you need to redeem, you will need to resubmit your application.
8, the number of gifts is limited, first apply first. At the same time, the card center reserves the right to replace the finished product with the same value product. If you are not a quality issue, all points will not be eligible for return, refund, refund, refund or cash.
9, credit card online banking, points gift promotions, brochures and other promotional materials listed on the gift picture is for reference only, subject to prevail. The additional part of the gift listed in the picture is used for decoration and does not form part of the gift.

10, customers in the receipt of gifts should check the integrity of the gift, if there is quality defects can refuse to sign. Gift quality problems should be received within 2 weeks after the receipt of gifts, more than the time limit, not returned. The exchange of gifts if the existence of quality or after-sales service and other issues, by the provision of gifts or services provider is responsible for processing and settlement. The card center is only responsible for assisting the cardholder to get in touch with the supplier.
Sixth, gift exchange
Cardholders can apply for redemption by:

1, log on CITIC credit card online banking to submit a gift application.

2, send text messages "CR + redemption code + card four" sent to 106980095558 apply for exchange.

3, call 40088-95558 customer service hotline to apply for redemption.

4, CITIC Platinum credit card customers can call 40060-95558 VIP service hotline to apply for redemption.

Seven, gift distribution
Points gift distribution by courier company (gift distribution only in mainland China). Unless the individual gifts of the exchange of information clearly stated that all gifts are free door-to-door.

Eight, gift distribution time
After the order is submitted, the gift will be delivered within 15 working days (within 7 working days of the Platinum Card and above) to your designated address (the dispatch of the remote area will be extended and the holidays will be extended) Please keep the contact phone so that the delivery personnel can contact the delivery.

Nine, gift service and quality
The gifts and services listed in this program are provided directly by the program supplier to the cardholder. The card center and the loyalty gift supplier have no relationship with the partnership, distribution, agent and guarantor. If the cardholder and the supplier to provide the quality of the gift or service controversy, the gift supplier is responsible for the card center does not assume any legal responsibility.

【Exclusive manuscripts and disclaimers】 Where the "financial 360" source of the work, any media and individuals all or part of the reproduced, please indicate the source (melt 360 The information contained in the article and the conclusions of the user only for reference, does not constitute investment advice.

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