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A number of banks to push large amounts of credit card cash withdrawal up to 50 million
Editor: Youth DailySource: Youth DailyDate: 2013-05-27


According to "Youth Daily" reported that recently, the reporter was a Huaxia Bank's mortgage-free advertising to attract, which is called "unsecured unsecured no interest, only the monthly fee of 7.5 per thousand
                According to "Youth Daily" reported that recently, the reporter was a Huaxia BankUnsecured loansAdvertising attracted, which is called "unsecured unsecured no interest, only the monthly fee of 7.5 per cent, now for account management fees, the maximum amount of up to 500,000 yuan", when the consultation was informed that the original This is actually a credit card. The reporter consulted most of the banks found that the current personal credit has been difficult to apply, replaced by this type ofLarge credit cardThe "Take the cash to the bound debit card way, can only take the present, can not be consumed, the monthly installment fee is 0.75%. No mortgage guarantee, as long as the provision of personal identity cards, proof of work and proof of income Can apply. "

The monthly fee for these large credit cards seems to be very attractive, but a credit card industry sources, the actual cost is actually very high. The person calculations, if the loan of 10,000 yuan, 12 returned, the handling fee of 0.85%. Monthly to return the principal is 833.3 yuan, the monthly fee is 85 yuan to pay, 10,000 yuan to repay the fee for a total of 1020 yuan. And the actual occupation of funds per month decreasing month by month, according to the difference between the median number of points to calculate the average occupation of funds for the 5416.65 yuan, so that the actual annual interest rate of 18.83%. "The monthly fee is equal to the total amount of the installment multiplied by the monthly rate, the less the amount of the late loan balance, but the reimbursement is the same, and the interest rate is much higher than the ordinary personal credit.

Reporter will beHuaxia Bank easy to goldCredit cards and other ordinary credit cards in the bank to compare the found that the ordinary credit card installment fee between 0.62% -0.67%.

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