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Qingdao Bank Personal Guarantee Loan Guarantor Requirements

Time: 2013-05-06         Source: Qingdao Bank         Author: Bank of Qingdao

Guarantor requirements

IndividualsGuaranteed loanThe guarantor of the business should be the following:

(1) Staff members of government agencies and above-level state agencies (in-service);

(2) Allocating staff members (in-service) to full-scale funding for staff members and above, or middle-level or above professional titles;

(3) Large-scale state-owned enterprises, middle-level or above managers of listed companies with good financial status, or important shareholders of listed companies with good financial status (holding more than 1% of shares);

(4) Intermediate (General Manager Level) and above managers in finance, power, telecommunications, public utilities, ports, energy, tobacco, radio and television, newspapers, and press and publishing industries.

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