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Some people are not interested in unsecured loans

Time: 2013-04-11         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        In the past two years,Unsecured loansProducts and advertisements are everywhere, but many Chinese banks do notMortgageThe business has faced an embarrassing situation and become a decoration.

As a customer, we asked the customer service of many banks. Many banks indicated that they did not carry out this business. Of the banks that carry out this business, almost all banks aim at the personal consumption market but they can enjoyPersonal unsecured loansThe customers are more of the bank's original high-quality customers. "If you want unsecured loans, your average daily assets in our bank will be no less than 3 million," the bank's customer service staff introduced. "Customers can loan money, in fact, they also need to provide proof of housing, and under the same conditions, married people are better than unmarried people to loan money." An account manager said.

In addition to asset requirements, many Chinese banks are more demanding on the status of borrowers, and civil servants, monopoly state-owned enterprises, public institutions, and other identity requirements are not uncommon. This kind of demand can also be understood as risk control. Unsecured loans are basically guaranteed by personal credit and have higher requirements on the stability of personal income. These groups of civil servants, doctors and university teachers are more stable than the average small business owner's income, and are not easily “disappeared”. Even if there is no collateral, it is not easy to default on loans. Therefore, banks tend to be more inclined to this group. For some monopolistic enterprises or employees of administrative institutions, the bank's review procedure is also very simple. Only with a work permit can apply for loans.

But are these high-quality customers in the eyes of Chinese banks willing to lend? Faced with lending rates ranging from 1.1 times to 1.5 times the benchmark interest rate, most of the time is short-term loans ranging from six months to one year, and most of them can only be used for consumption. Mr. Huang, a staff member of a political and legal agency, said. "With such a short period of time, it would be no use for us to borrow money. We have to borrow 500,000 loans and we still have to pay 350,000 of them a year to pay."

One side is not interested in the target customers. On the other side, some people actually have to bear high loan costs. Mr. Zhu has been doing agricultural machinery business. Last year, he needed a working capital of RMB 100,000, and several banks had failed to make loans. Had to find a private quick loan company, 100,000 yuan of loans, up to 26% per year.

For most Chinese banks, serving individual customers has not yet become a business focus, but future financial services are actually aimed at individuals. If you ignore potential customers in the early stages of development and adopt a discriminatory strategy, they will eventually be abandoned by customers. Rongrong 360 called for Chinese banks to actively improve their products and serve the wider population to achieve inclusive finance.

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