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Some people are not interested in unsecured loans

Time: 2013-04-11         Source: melt 360 original         Author: bamboo

        Over the past two years,Unsecured loansOf the products and advertising everywhere, but many Chinese banks withoutMortgageOf the business is facing an embarrassing situation, as furnishings.

To the identity of the customer asked a number of bank customer service, many banks that did not carry out this business. And in the bank to carry out this business, almost all banks are aimed at the personal consumer market, but can enjoyPersonal unsecured loansOf the customers, more of the original bank quality customers. "If you want unsecured loans, then you are in the Bank of the daily assets of the amount of not less than 3 million", the bank customer service staff. "Customers can lend money, in fact, also need to provide proof of housing, and under the same conditions, married people better than unmarried people to lend money." A customer manager said.

In addition to asset requirements, many Chinese banks on the identity of the borrower is demanding, civil servants, monopoly state-owned enterprises, institutions and other identity requirements are common. This requirement can also be understood as risk control. Unsecured loans are basically based on personal credit for the guarantee of personal income stability of the higher requirements. Civil servants, doctors, university teachers These groups are more stable than ordinary small business owners, and are not easy to "disappear", even if there is no collateral, it is not easy to default on loans. Therefore, the banks will be more inclined to this group. For some monopoly or administrative staff of the staff, the bank's audit steps are also very simple, only the work permit will be able to handle the loan.

But the eyes of Chinese banks in these high-quality customers have a willingness to loan it? The face of the loan interest rate is 1.1 to 1.5 times the benchmark interest rate, most of the time is half a year to a year of short-term loans, and most can only be used for consumption. A political and legal organs staff, said Mr. Huang. "Such a short time, we have no use of loans, loans 500,000, a year also had thirty thousand of the interest, not come."

One side is the target customers are not interested in the other side, some people have to bear the high cost of loans. Mr. Zhu has been doing the business of agricultural machinery, last year, the need for working capital of 100,000 yuan, was removed from a few banks did not loan to the money. Had to find a civil fast borrow company, 10 million loan, the annual interest rate as high as 26%.

For most Chinese banks, the service of individual customers has not yet become a business focus, but the future of financial services is actually for the individual. If the neglect of potential customers in the early stages of development, to take a discriminatory strategy, the final will be abandoned by customers. Financial calls for Chinese banks to actively improve their products and serve the wider population to achieve Pratt & Whitney Finance.

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