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Early repayment notes

Time: 2013-03-29         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Ao Lu

Have the money to thinkAdvance repaymentThe But what do you know about the prepayment process? The following is yesMelt 360Summary of the five-step advance repayment process:

The first step: look at the loan contract in advance of the regulations on the repayment. Look at the contract should pay attention to the early repayment whether to pay a certain amount of liquidated damages.

The second step: to the loan bank telephone consultation for the early repayment department location, telephone and for the early repayment of the necessary conditions.

The third step: in accordance with the consultation call to call or personally to the relevant departmentsPrepaymentApplication.

The fourth step: the borrower to bring the relevant documents in person to the borrowing bank, fill out the "advance repayment application form."

Step 5: Submit the "Early Repayment Application Form" and deposit the amount of the advance repayment at the counter. The same time as the above-

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