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What does personal credit do not do?

Time: 2013-03-19         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Li Jing

        PersonalCredit LoansNot how to do? personalCredit loanIs a bank or other financial institutions to the credit good borrowers do not need to provide security for the RMB credit loans. Based on personal credit and repayment ability, the amount is generally not more than 500,000, the borrowing period is 1-3 years. In dealing with personal credit loans, many borrowers think they are good conditions but eat the bank "closed-door", which is because of what?

"Qualification is not enough" is the most beautiful bank excuse
Many people who apply for a loan to refuse will feel "happiness is always so full, the reality is always the backbone." In fact, there are many reasons for the failure of the loan, the bank credit commissioner may not understand the loan applicant's industry, may be in the application for loans when the bank's credit line is full, it may be the amount of the loan application is too small, the loan officer do not want to do The But no matter what the case of the loan fails, you get the answer is often: personal qualification is not enough and so on. So, do not think that a loan application is rejected is a "cup", a lot of time to find a few different banks to apply even more than a few times, often have different results.
There is no loan or loan
In fact, the loan and college entrance examination to fill the same volunteer, a school does not mean that all schools off the school closed the door. Similarly, in oneBank loanFailure does not mean that the bank will close the door to you, because the various bank loans to apply for specific terms may vary, the threshold level is also different. A bank rejects you and does not mean that other banks will refuse you.

Find the real reason for the failure of the loan
According to statistics, a small and medium enterprises to an average of more than 10 banks can be successful financing. The individual in the application for a loan need to pay attention to is that if there are a number of banks that your loan was rejected a common problem, then this may be the real reason for the failure of your loan, need to make up on this issue in a timely manner, The bank gets in touch with the trust.

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