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What if the personal credit loan does not pass?

Time: 2013-03-19         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Li Jing

        IndividualsCredit LoansIf not, what to do? personalCredit loanThe term is a RMB credit loan issued by banks or other financial institutions to creditworthy borrowers that does not require guarantees. Based on personal credit and repayment ability, the credit limit will generally not exceed 500,000 and the loan period will be 1-3 years. When dealing with personal credit loans, many borrowers think they have good conditions but have eaten the bank "closed doors". What is the reason?

"Not enough qualification" is the bank's most beautiful excuse
Many people who refuse to apply for a loan will feel that "happiness is always full and the reality is always so backbone." In fact, there are many reasons for the failure of a loan. It may be that the bank’s loan officer does not understand the industry of the loan applicant. It may be that the bank’s line of credit is full when applying for a loan, or the line of loan application is too small, and the loan officer does not want to do it. . However, no matter what the circumstances of the failure of the loan, you often get the answer: not enough personal qualifications and other reasons. Therefore, do not think that a loan application is rejected as a "cup". Many times when you look for several different bank applications or even apply for several times, there are often different results.
There is no credit here, and there is a loan
Applying for a loan is actually the same as taking a college entrance exam. Like a university, it doesn't mean that all schools have closed the school gate for you. Similarly, in a familyBank loanFailure does not mean that the bank will close the door for you because the terms of the various bank loan applications may not be the same, and the threshold level is also different. A bank rejecting you does not mean that other banks will also reject you.

Finding the real cause of loan failure
According to statistics, it is possible for a small and medium-sized enterprise to have access to more than 10 banks on average to be able to successfully finance. What individuals need to pay attention to when applying for a loan is that if there are a number of banks that point out the common issue of your loan being rejected, then this may be the real reason for your loan failure. You need to make up for this issue in time so that you can Banks gain trust in their contacts.

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