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Loan to buy a car suddenly pays the loan fee after paying the down payment

Time: 2013-01-23         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: bamboo

        Monthly low for the month, the car easily loan home. Seemingly simpleCar loansIf you do not pay attention, it also implies a lot of cost traps.

In December last year, Ms. Zhao bought a car in a 4S store for a total price of 189,800 yuan, down payment of 59,800 yuan, guarantee fees, deposits, GPS fees and so have paid. "Later 4S shop proposed, but also to payloanThe amount of 3% was 3,900 yuan, which was not mentioned in advance, nor was it stated when signing the contract. Ms. Zhao then asked a friend who had worked in a bank to find out what she would like to collect. It was originally a bank. To find the fees for the 4S store, the 4S store directly transferred the money to the customer. I am not ready to return the car, but the other person said that the down payment cannot be refunded. This made Ms. Zhao unexplained. In the end, Ms. Zhao managed to negotiate with a 4S shop by a friend of the bank. The other party agreed to reduce the 3% to 1%, to close at 1,300 yuan, and there was no bill.
Ms. Zhao seems to be quick, but the troublesome experience tells us:Loan to buy a carBefore, we must ask clearly for follow-up toll items, etc. Don't rush to pay deposits, down payment, etc. The

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