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Four Kinds of Invalid Loan Contracts in Private Loan

Time: 2012-12-28         Source: melt 360 original         Author: bamboo

        In general,Private lendingIs legal, but must be within the scope permitted by law, otherwise unprotected. The interest rate of private personal borrowing shall be determined by negotiation between the two parties, but the interest rate negotiated by both parties shall not exceed the stipulations of the State. The borrowing between citizens and enterprises, as long as the parties meaning that the real can be valid. In practice, one of the following circumstances should be determined that the loan contract is invalid:

(1) enterprises in the name of borrowing to illegal workers to raise funds.

(2) enterprises in the name of lending to the community illegal fund-raising.

(3) enterprises to borrow the name of the public to the publicloanThe

(4) other acts of violation of laws and administrative regulations.

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