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How to calculate the interest on usury?

Time: 2012-12-28         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Li Jing

The most concerned about usury is its "high profit" problem, thenHow to calculate the interest of usuryWhat? The loan price of usury refers to the monthly interest rate of 1 yuan. For example, if the usury is 6 points interest, it is equivalent to 72% annual interest rate, and 1 hair is equivalent to 120% annual interest rate, which is far higher. Out bankLending rates. Then, under this interest rate, how to calculate the interest on usury? Usually, the calculation method is profit-making, that is, compounding. Compound interest is calculated by the formula:
F=P×(1+i)^N (secondary)
F: Compound interest final value
P: principal
i: interest rate
N: an integral multiple of the interest rate acquisition time
Knowing the above formula, let us give an example to illustrate how to calculate the interest rate of usury. If you borrow a loan of 15,000 yuan, the agreed interest is 6 points, that is, the monthly interest rate is 6%.
One year of profit and = 15000 × (1 + 6%) ^ 12 = 30,182.95 yuan
This formula explains why there are many people who have lost their homes because of loan sharking.
Usury loan misunderstanding
There are some misunderstandings about usury, and we must remind everyone here.
1. Usury is illegal, and illegal things are not protected by law. More than 4 times the bank interest ratePrivate lendingEven if you are a usury, if you are a lender, you have to bear the responsibility of illegally absorbing public deposits. At the same time, if you use illegal means in the process of dunning, you must bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.
2. If you are a borrower, you must first consider whether you can afford it. If you can't afford it, don't borrow it. Although the state does not protect the usury behavior, the loan sharks usually have certain power, which is not affordable for ordinary people. .
3, it is recommended that friends go to the bank to apply for a loan, or find a temporary loan from friends and relatives, the drowning of usury, it is likely to fall into a thousand hate.

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