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Bank of China Exhibition Industry Tongbao

Time: 2012-12-20         Source: Bank of China         Author: Bank of China

product description
“Small and medium enterprise cyclic product series” isBank of ChinaWe will take advantage of diversified operations and integrate financial products such as commercial banks, insurance, securities, funds, investment, leasing, and asset management to provide customers with comprehensive financial solutions covering their “start-up period, rapid growth period, and stable development period”.
“BOC Exhibition Industry Tongbao” is a sub-series product package in the SMEs' periodic product series, focusing on SME customers in the stable development period, providing corporate financial services combining debt and equity.
1. Product package. Integrate the advantageous financial products of BOC Group to facilitate customers' free choice.
2. Program design. Tailor-made financial services solutions for SME customers, providing intimate services.
3. Channel support. Give full play to the diversified business advantages of BOC and provide customers with multiple financing channels.
Applicable customers
1. The annual sales income is more than 50 million yuan;
2. Enterprises with a business life of more than 4 years or an actual controller with a working life of more than 8 years;
3. The business license and loan card are valid and subject to annual review;
4. The credit history is good.
Processing process
According to the conditions for the opening of relevant products of the local branches of Bank of China.
Product List
Scope of application
There are 30 tier-one branches in Bank of China, except Hainan, Ningxia, Tibet and Qinghai.

Product List

Product Category product name
Settlement service Settlement Account
Corporate online banking
Ordinary exchange
Demand deposit
Agent pay
Collection of water, electricity and gas charges
Electronic return box
Account golden key
Concentrated collection
Centralized payment
Cash management
Acceptance draft
Credit service Discounted bills
Trade finance
Liquidity loan (real estate mortgage)
Liquidity loan (professional guarantee)
Liquidity loan (stock pledge)
Liquidity loan (accounts receivable pledge)
Liquidity loan (credit credit)
Enterprise loan insurance
Cash loan
Melt up
Rong Yi Da
Home loan
Fixed asset loan
M&A loan
Option loan
Fund management Time deposit
Agreement deposit
Entrusted financial management
Trust management
Personal Business debit card
Personal online banking
Bank of China wealth management card
VIP credit card (gold, platinum)
Financial plan
private bank
Fund sales agency
Personal housing loan
Personal car loan
Business insurance Property insurance, liability insurance, engineering insurance
Water risk Cargo transportation insurance
Warehouse insurance
Risk Health insurance, family property insurance, car insurance
investment bank Equity investment
Issuing bonds
Public listing
asset Management
financial consultant

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