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How to apply for a business loan
With the encouragement of national policies, the way to start their own businesses more and more diversifies. For example, university graduates can enjoy financial discount interest when they apply for starting a business loan. However, if you are no longer college students, what other "personal" loans it?
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  • What conditions do I need to apply for a college student loan?
    First, the application conditions: 1 college graduates; 2, after graduating more than 6 months without employment, and the local labor and social security department for unemployment registration. Second, the loan deadline: the country for college graduates to provide small-scale entrepreneurial loans are government discount loans, the deadline for 1 to 2 years, no longer enjoy financial interest subsidies after 2 years. Third, the way loans: college graduates to start their own way of small loans as a guarantee, arrived (qualitative) mortgage loans.
  • 2016 venture loan application process?
    Has full civil capacity, under the age of 50. Hold the industrial and commercial business administration license issued by the administrative department of industry and commerce, tax registration certificate and related business license. Engaged in legitimate production and business activities, the project has the potential for development or market competitiveness, with the ability to repay the loan principal and interest on schedule. Good credit, law-abiding, no bad credit and debt records, and can provide bank-approved mortgage, pledge or guarantee. In the handling agencies have a fixed place of residence and business premises. Set up a settlement account at a bank and handle daily settlement through a bank account. Other requirements of the bank.
  • College students are studying how to apply for a start-up loan
    Can I apply for the CYL start-up loan? Where are the application steps applied?
    Hello, you can provide a mortgage or a guaranteed loan
  • I would like to ask how to apply for a business loan?
    I am a landless peasant. I have no permanent job, two children go to school, and one silly brother follows me. I expect to work alone and overwhelmed. I want to start a business and have no money. Ask what loan is suitable for me?
    Hello according to your qualifications do not recommend you to do a loan
  • How to apply for business start-ups loan?
    Entrepreneurship loans for start-up, in accordance with the District Employment Bureau to accept the application for the first instance, the city employment agency recommended review, the financial sector commitment to discount interest, security agencies to review and guarantee, to handle bank loans approved procedures to handle. At the time of application, the entrepreneur shall hold the certificate of residence of the applicant for small secured loan issued by the borrower's residence booklet, ID card, community in residence (village committee), the business license issued by the administration of industry and commerce and the tax registration certificate issued by the Inland Revenue Department , Employment unemployment registration certificate (if college diploma, military service permit, certificate of completion of entrepreneurship training and other documents to be attached to the loan information), loan plan (operating conditions, loan purposes, source of repayment, number of employees) Marriage certificate (if unmarried need to open a divorce certificate) and spouse ID card, counter-guarantee mortgage and retail lease contract.
  • Which bank is good for business loan?
    State-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks and conditional urban credit cooperatives are all acceptable. Apply for college students to start a business loan, you need to meet the following conditions: 1, at least 18 years of age, there is a valid and valid proof of identity and the place of residence of the lender has a legal residence permit, a fixed place of residence or business premises; 2 holds business administration issued by the business Licenses and related industries operating license, engaged in legitimate production and business activities, a stable income and debt service ability; 3, investment projects have a certain amount of own money; 4, the use of loans in line with relevant state laws and banks Credit policy provisions (Note: not allowed for equity investment); 5, open a settlement account at the bank, operating income after bank settlement. Repayment method of college students' venture loan Students loan repayment method is divided into two types according to the loan term: First, the loan term within one year (including one year), the implementation of a repayment of principal and interest due, Li with The second is the loan period of more than one year, the repayment of principal and interest loans can be matched by principal and interest repayment method or equal principal repayment method, but also by other means agreed to repay.
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