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What is the loan buying process?
Those who want to borrow a house must understand the loan process. Different banks, different types of houses to be purchased, and the loan process will change accordingly. This topic will introduce you to the process of loan purchase, I believe it will help you to purchase a home loan.
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  • Hello there! What is the bank loan repayment process in advance?
    Does the main lender apply for it?
    Hello, advance loan repayment process: 1) Make an appointment in advance. After the loan period and one year after the loan is issued, with the consent of the bank, you can apply in advance to return some or all of the loan in advance. It takes 2-7 business days for a general bank to handle this business. The rules for early repayment of loans by banks are different from each other. The lender must make sure that the operation process of the lending bank is clear before deciding to repay the loan in advance. 2) The loan documents should be prepared. If the borrower wants to repay the loan in advance, it is usually necessary to bring his/her ID card and loan contract to the bank for approval after the telephone or written application. If it is the borrower who settles all the final payments, after the bank calculates the remaining loan amount, it is convenient for the borrower to deposit enough money to repay the loan in advance. If it is the customer and owner of the mortgage business, it is better to find a professional guarantee institution to do the entrustment notarization, so as to avoid the risk that the owner will not buy after the owner repays the loan in advance or the customer pays the price after the customer pays off the final payment. . 3) Calculate the interest rate after interest rate cut. The new interest rate will be calculated at the beginning of the new year, so even if you want to repay the loan in advance, the lender must take the time to repay the loan as early as possible at the end of the year before the new interest becomes effective. After paying off all the loans in advance, the lender should remember to surrender the insurance company and other departments. 4) Withdraw insurance. After the lender has settled all the final payment in advance, the bank will issue a settlement certificate. The borrower carries the original loan settlement certificate issued by the bank, a positive copy of the original policy and the invoice, and calls the relevant insurance company to make an appointment to surrender. When the borrower handles the loan, the bank will register the mortgage. If the customer settles the loan, don't forget to go to the mortgage. The borrower must carry the real estate license, settle the certificate and mortgage the other rights certificate in the bank to the district construction committee to understand the mortgage.
  • Process for purchasing a home loan
    What information is needed for a home loan? 1. Loan to buy homeowner and spouse (if any) ID card (or other valid documents, such as military officer's card); 2. Loans to buy homeowners and spouses (if any) account books; 3, the loan to buy homeowners and spouses (if any) income certificate (revenue proof needs to exceed twice the monthly supply and income flow (if needed); 4, the loan to buy the homeowner's marriage certificate (single certificate or marriage certificate, some banks can not prove that they do not need to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, as long as the single statement is signed in the prescribed format); 5. Loans to buy homeowners and proof of spouse assets (if required); 6, the first payment certificate; 7. The “House Sales Contract” signed by the buyer and the seller; 8. The above information is shared by the owner of the house sale contract; It should be noted that the interest rate policies of different banks are different. You can choose a bank that is more favorable to you. If you can use a provident fund loan. The down payment is definitely worth paying, otherwise the bank will not give you a loan, but the above questions must be clarified before paying, don't blindly decide, after all, the current housing market is not good, wait for the first time may be A good choice. Handling home loan procedures 1. Submit the following information: (1) The identity document of the purchaser (refers to the resident ID card, household registration book and other valid residence permit); (2) Proof of the stable economic income of the borrower's family; (3) A letter of consent, agreement or other approval document for the purchase of a house that meets the requirements; (4) A list of collateral or pledges, a certificate of ownership and a certificate of pledge or pledge by the attorney; a certificate of collateral issued by the competent authority; the guarantor agrees to provide the written documents of the guaranty and the guarantor's credit certificate; (5) If the purchaser applies for a housing provident fund loan, he/she must obtain the certificate issued by the housing provident fund management department; (6) Other documents or materials required by the lender to explain to the bank the meaning of the loan and prove that they have the ability to repay the principal and interest. 2. At the loan review and approval stage, at this time, the bank examines the applicant's materials and determines the ability to repay, decides to issue the loan to the applicant, and sends the applicant a consent notice for approval of the loan. 3. At the signing stage of the loan bank, after the loan applicant has obtained the approval notice, it should sign a formal loan contract with the bank. If the loan involves a guarantee, such as mortgage or guarantee, it should also sign a guarantee contract. 4. Bank lending stage. In this process, after the loan contract is formally effective, the bank shall pay the house payment to the housing sales unit on behalf of the borrower; if the loan involves real estate mortgage, the loan contract will not take effect until the real estate mortgage registration is completed. The bank will issue the loan. 5. In the repayment phase of the purchaser, after the bank lends, the borrower shall repay the principal and interest on time according to the provisions of the loan contract, otherwise the bank will pursue the borrower's responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the loan contract and the guarantee contract.
  • Provident fund loan to buy a house
    First, the first review The Housing Fund Management Center conducts a preliminary review of the materials submitted by the applicant, including the applicant's qualifications, loan quota, and loan term. After the initial examination is passed, the Housing Fund Management Center issues a Notice of Mortgage Review and Evaluation. Second, the assessment The applicant holds the “Certificate of Valuation Review and Evaluation” to the evaluation agency designated by the Housing Fund Management Center to evaluate the value of the purchased house. Affordable housing does not require an assessment. Third, the review The applicant holds the “assessment report” issued by the evaluation agency and the preliminary examination materials required by the housing fund management center to the housing fund management center for loan review. If the audit is qualified, the Housing Fund Management Center will issue the “Notice of the Housing Fund Management Center Guaranteed Entrusted Loan Survey”. Fourth, handle the guarantee procedures The applicant holds the Notice of the Entrusted Loan for the Housing Fund Management Center and handles the guarantee in accordance with the guarantee method chosen by him. If you choose the "collateral + guarantee" method, the guarantor should issue a written letter of guarantee; if you choose "mortgage + insurance" or a third party guarantee, you should go to the insurance company to insure or go to the guarantee institution to handle the entrusted guarantee. 5. Signing a loan contract. 6. The housing fund management center and the trustee bank signed an entrusted loan agreement. 7. The borrower directly submits a loan application to the housing fund management center. The entrusted industry can collect the application materials of the borrower on the behalf of the borrower and submit it to the housing fund management center for review and approval. 8. The Housing Fund Management Center shall sign an entrusted loan contract with the trustee after approving the approval of each loan amount, term and interest rate. IX. The entrusted bank shall, in accordance with the entrusted loan contract, sign the “Housing Contract for the Housing Provident Fund Entrusted Loan”, the “Condition Contract for the Housing Provident Fund Entrusted Loan” and the “Construction Loan Guarantee Contract for the Housing Provident Fund” respectively. 10. The trustee will directly transfer the loan to the designated account opened by the seller in the trustee.
  • How to take the second-hand housing loan process?
    1. Submit the materials needed for second-hand housing loans The person concerned must provide: ID card, account book, marriage certificate or divorce certificate + divorce agreement or court judgment (only for married or divorced persons), proof of income, bank flow within 6 months, loan bank savings card, and also To submit a purchase contract, that is, the "Stock House Sale Contract", there are three points to note here: (1) The general bank will check the real estate situation under the name of the underage child. If the purchaser's household registration is in Beijing, there will be 1 property under the name of the minor child, and 1 house property under the name of the purchaser, which exceeds the purchase restriction requirement. The bank will No loans. (2) The bank also has clear requirements for the borrower's income. If there are other loans under the name of the borrower, then the monthly income requirement is as follows, monthly income = (original loan repayment monthly supply + apply for this loan repayment monthly) )X2 (3) If the purchaser has divorced, the address of the house on the divorce agreement is inconsistent with the actual loan house address, and it is necessary to issue a certificate to the property of the community to prove the address of the same house. 2. The bank evaluates the loan application, and in general, the bank will be assessed by a professional agency. 3. Bank approval When the approval is passed, the bank will issue a letter of approval to prove to the seller that the bank agrees to lend money to the purchaser. The seller can safely transfer the house to the purchaser. 4. transfer After the implementation of the real estate registration system, when the transfer is now, only the buyer and the seller must go to the real estate registration agency to change the original real estate certificate into a non-moving property right certificate, and the name of the purchaser can be directly registered on the real property right certificate. 5. Submit the immovable title certificate to the bank for mortgage To go to the real estate registration department to apply for the "real estate registration certificate" to prove that there is a bank mortgage on this property, the general bank will be handed over to a special agency to handle the mortgage. 6. Bank lending Then, after the loan agreed to be issued by the loan bank, after the relevant procedures are completed, the loan bank will, according to the loan contract, transfer the loan to the deposit account opened by the seller in the lending bank.
  • What is the bank loan process?
    Buying a loan process 1. The lender goes to the loan bank to fill out the “Application Form for Individual Housing Loan” and submits the following materials: 1 ID card, account; 2 Purchase a consent letter or other supporting documents for the housing; 3 The certificate of the stable economic income of the borrower's family issued by the unit; 4 Other proofs required by the loan bank. 2. The loan bank reviews the loan application and other supporting materials of the borrower, issues a loan commitment letter after passing the examination, and signs a mortgage contract with the borrower. 3. The borrower handles the insurance of the mortgaged house, and holds the purchase contract to the insurance institution designated by the loan bank for the insurance of the mortgaged house. 4. The borrower holds the purchase contract, mortgage contract, pledge contract and insurance policy, and signs the “Personal Housing Mortgage Loan” with the third party (legal person) guarantor and goes to the real estate management authority to register the mortgage within 30 days. If you require notarization, you can go to the notary office for notarization. 5. The loan bank transfers the loan to the deposit account of the loan bank designated by the sales unit specified in the contract.
  • What is the process of providing housing loans for the provident fund?
    How much can a mortgage be mortgaged: 1. If your property is a commercial house that can be traded on the market and there is no mortgage loan, you can make a mortgage. 2. The maximum amount of bank loan is 70% of the assessed value. Generally, the mortgage The property mortgage is different for different properties. Under normal circumstances, the mortgage rate of commercial housing can reach 70, while the mortgage rate of shops and office buildings can reach 60%, and the mortgage rate of industrial plants can reach 50%. 3. Bank lending is about 20-25 working days. Because the policy is tightening now! There are restrictions on lending. Mortgage conditions: Housing mortgages require the house to be within 20 years; the area of ​​the house It should be more than 50 square meters; the house must have strong liquidity.
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