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CITIC Bank's hot application TOP5 Credit Card
TOP1 CITIC Bank UnionPay Standard Credit Card
CITIC Bank UnionPay Standard Credit Card
  • Points can exchange more than 3,000 kinds of gifts, but also ...
  • Credit card spending enjoy double points
  • Up to 1,000 yuan flight delay insurance
  • Easy to apply
  • Pay double insurance
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TOP2 CITIC Bank i Platinum Credit Card
CITIC Bank i Platinum Credit Card
  • The best application for a small platinum network transaction doubles...
  • Double points for online transactions
  • Points change gift
  • Annual fee free
  • VIP service
  • Online shopping points
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TOP3 CITIC Bank Naughty Card
CITIC Bank Naughty Card
  • Taobao trading up to 10 times the points
  • Holiday surprises Turn points 10 times
  • Up to 1800 yuan new household gift
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TOP4 China CITIC Bank's Cat Eye Gold Card
China CITIC Bank's Cat Eye Gold Card
  • A free credit card for watching movies
  • 5000 yuan stolen insurance protection
  • New household enjoys 120 movie tickets
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TOP5 CITIC Bank Yanka DIY-Nangka
CITIC Bank Yanka DIY-Nangka
  • Personality card, custom
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  • askBlue cards are empty cards, there is no quota?


                                                                                    The credit line of a credit card generally needs to be calculated according to your personal application conditions, depending on the bank's rating and approval amount. To increase the credit card limit, you can submit financial certificates to the bank, such as proof of property, proof of income, certificates of deposit, and certificates of own cars.

  • askWhat is the quota for the QQ Caibei Gold Card?


                                                                                    Hello, CITIC Bank QQ Caibei credit card card between the amount of 3000-8000, the amount of the amount of 8000-50,000, the bank based on the applicant submitted by the application for comprehensive approval, and finally give the approval amount.

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