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CITIC Bank's hot application TOP5 Credit Card
TOP1 CITIC Bank UnionPay Standard Credit Card
CITIC Bank UnionPay Standard Credit Card
  • Points can exchange more than 3,000 kinds of gifts, but also ...
  • Credit card spending enjoy double points
  • New account card full of 3 pens and greater than 99, available...
  • Easy to apply
  • Pay double insurance
apply immediately
TOP2 CITIC Bank Yanka Series IC Card - Red Card
CITIC Bank Yanka Series IC Card - Red Card
  • 9 yuan to see large, online shopping points, 4 hours ...
  • Custom card version
  • 9 yuan to see large
apply immediately
TOP3 China CITIC Bank's Cat Eye Gold Card
China CITIC Bank's Cat Eye Gold Card
  • A free credit card for watching movies
  • 5000 yuan stolen insurance protection
  • New household enjoys 120 movie tickets
apply immediately
TOP4 CITIC Bank i Platinum Credit Card
CITIC Bank i Platinum Credit Card
  • The best application for a small platinum network transaction doubles...
  • Double points for online transactions
  • Points change gift
  • Annual fee free
  • VIP service
  • Online shopping points
apply immediately
TOP5 CITIC Bank Yanka DIY-Nangka
CITIC Bank Yanka DIY-Nangka
  • Send value 2080 yuan Folli Follie watch
  • Online shopping points
  • Custom card version
apply immediately
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  • askNo landline extension number


                                                                                    Hello, if you do not have a landline extension number, you do not need to fill it in. If it does not matter, only fill in the landline number. Area code + phone number.

  • askI handled the CITIC Bank credit card, how to activate, can you activate yourself online?


                                                                                    First, the CITIC Bank credit card can be activated online. The following is the process of online activation: 1. Log in to China CITIC Bank Online Banking, enter the relevant account password for online banking login. 2. Select the credit card to open the card and press the operation prompts to complete the CITIC Bank credit card activation. Second,...

  • askWill the CITIC Bank Credit Card Dream Money be used to cash out?


                                                                                    Yuan Mengjin is a high-priced appointment-based consumer product newly launched by CITIC Credit Card. It provides you with exclusive spending installment credits. You can activate the credit card immediately before the purchase and it will be effective immediately. After the purchase, eligible transactions will automatically be booked according to your appointment. Staged so that the dream does not need to wait. Specific situation suggested...

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