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                        [Guangda] Vipshop will be over 108 yuan minus 18 yuan

From January 5, 2018 to December 31, 2018, every Friday from 10:00 to 24:00, Everbright credit card customers can enjoy a single purchase of 108 yuan or more through the Everbright Credit Card Express. Set aside 18 yuan discount. According to the customer's consumption time, the weekly activities take 6,000 people. The same customer is only allowed to participate once a week. The same customer refers to the same Everbright credit card number or the same Vipshop account.

Promotion time:                                                     January 5, 2018 (beginning) ~ December 31, 2018 (end) During the active period
Suitable area:National
Credit card for the event:

Activity 1

1 product details page: Click to join the shopping cart - click on the shopping cart

2 Order Confirmation Page: Confirm Goods Information - Click Settlement

3 Order settlement page: Set the delivery address for the first time (can be skipped) - Select online payment - Click to submit the order

4 checkout page: select bank card fast payment - click to pay - enter verification code - click OK

5Add bank card page: Enter Everbright bank card number - click next

6 Fill in the bank information page: Enter the bank reservation information - click to open the fast payment

7Payment success page: Complete payment

Activity Details
                                    (1) All discounts are required to be used in Vipshop's APP 6.5.5 (inclusive) and above (excluding PC and WAP) when using Everbright Bank Credit Card Express Payment, choose WeChat Pay, Alipay and Cash on Delivery. This offer is not available.

(2) All the reduction offers are deducted in real time, and the final offer is subject to the actual payment amount displayed at the time of payment.

(3) Weekly activities start on Friday at 10:00:00, subject to the successful payment time, 6000 places per activity week, while the quota is over. If the payment fails due to various reasons (such as insufficient credit card, abnormal card status, network anomaly, etc.), the discount will be automatically released and will be postponed to the next customer. If the order amount meets the preferential conditions, but the actual payment amount does not enjoy the discount, the representative quota has been used up.

(3) Vipshop's financial purchases and repayments, virtual goods, currency goods, Vipshop gift cards, prepaid goods, energy-saving subsidies, and Vipshop's international special products are not eligible for this offer.

(4) After the order payment is successful, if the order cancellation is made, the qualification for the reduction and reduction will be cancelled, and the promotion will not be eligible for the reduction. The orders participating in the activity do not support modification or merger.

(5) If the return or return is rejected, the refund amount will be refunded in proportion. The refund amount does not exceed the actual amount paid by the order. If the return amount does not meet the free shipping conditions, the refund must be deducted from the refund by 10 yuan, and the customer will Can not participate in the current activities again.

(6) Evergrande Bank reserves the right to cancel its preferential eligibility if there is a malicious billing by the user in violation of the activity rules.

(7) If there is a system failure or other force majeure factor, Everbright Bank has the right to adjust the activity or cancel the activity. Everbright Bank may interpret the activity within the scope permitted by law.

(8) If you have any questions about product quality, return, exchange, etc., please call Vipshop at: 400-6789-888 (Monday to Sunday 9:00-24:00) or consult Vipshop APP online Customer service.

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