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[Guangda] Vipshop will be over 108 yuan minus 18 yuan

From January 5, 2018 to December 31, 2018, every Friday from 10:00 to 24:00, Everbright credit card customers can enjoy a single purchase of 108 yuan or more through the Everbright Credit Card Express. Set aside 18 yuan discount. According to the customer's consumption time, the weekly activities take 6,000 people. The same customer is limited to one week per week...

[CITIC] Watching movies, the maximum reduction of 15 yuan!

Online seat selection to buy regular-priced movie tickets, each order can enjoy a random discount of 8-15 yuan, each customer enjoys a weekly opportunity to use orders. The event starts at 10:00 am every day, with a minimum of two tickets per order and a maximum of 5 tickets.

[Agriculture] Nationwide - "Small Product Sharing Big Movie" Wanda Cinema Points Consumption

Use the Agricultural Bank Credit Card at the designated stores in the Wanda Cinema Line to enjoy 18,000 points and redeem the hot movie tickets!

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New household card card ceremony


[Contractor] Baoshang Bank Elite Program

The “Elite Program” of Baoshang Bank provides a single-use, large-scale consumer credit line for the single elites who are responsible for meeting the needs of large-scale consumer spending such as education, medical care, tourism, car purchase, decoration, and furniture appliance purchase. Funding needs. Big world, enjoy what you think, beauty and beauty.

[Agriculture] National - "Points as Money" Guevara points consumption

Use the ABC Credit Card Express Payment Method to purchase movie tickets on the Guevara website or mobile app, you can enjoy the points discount! Each 600 points deducted 1 yuan, and the single card has a maximum deduction of 150 yuan per day. Daily discounts are available on a first come, first served basis.

[浦发] Respect for high-end medical treatment, private health butler with you

National preferential merchants

Credit card offer

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  • [Chongqing] "Two people walking one person free of charge"

    1. After 10:00 on Thursdays during the event, the customer can make an appointment to participate in the buffet of the event “Two people for one person free of charge” service. 2, each card is limited to 1 time per day, 40 people in each restaurant for each activity day limit, more than the number of people will not be able to enjoy the event offer; 3. Each time the customer enjoys a discount, deduct 288 credit card points. If the customer card has insufficient points, they will not be entitled to the activity discount;

  • [CITIC] Phoenix Zhiyin CITIC "Account+" invites you to experience the real version of the flying game

    Phoenix Companion CITIC “Account+” is a digital account created by China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center and China International Airlines Co., Ltd. based on Phoenix Companion App. It will provide you with a joint credit card application, offline exchange of merchants such as Starbucks or Haagen-Dazs, One-stop equity service for exclusive events. Successfully register an account and receive 200 Phoenix Phoenix miles, as well as a chance to receive 5000 Phoenix Phoenix Miles or RIM0WA suitcases.

  • [Chongqing] brush Chongqing bank credit card full 50 yuan to reduce 10 yuan monthly enjoyment

    1. During the event, our credit card holders will enjoy the discount of 10 yuan for the single transaction of the card in the Chongqing Baidu New Century Supermarket (excluding all stores in Chongqing, Nanchuan and Dongyuan D7 stores). Each card is limited to one coupon per month, on a first-come, first-served basis. 2. The customer actively informs the cashier to use the credit card of our bank to participate in the preferential activities. The POS machine automatically recognizes the cardholder's single card credit amount, not accumulating, not superimposing, to the cardholder's first...

  • [Post and Storage Bank] Enjoy a global currency with a full-currency card, and experience multiple benefits

    Brush the full-currency credit card, avoid queuing at the airport, avoid the cumbersome procedures, get a tax refund at home, and enjoy a 10% tax rebate. Enjoy shopping outside the country, easily refund the tax in the territory, have a full-currency credit card, and travel as a whole! Le Tour Awards selects the world's top e-commerce providers and many top merchants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It spans more than 300 internationally renowned brands such as travel and entertainment, retail services and online shopping. More than 1,000 physical stores, whether online or out of home...

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