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[Bank of Beijing] heart about benefits, such as "7" and to

During the event, every week on the West embankment thick cattle full of 200 by 100, Meizhou East slope over 300 by 150

【GF】 about 6 +2 agreed to enjoy unlimited coffee

April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, every Saturday or Saturday, where the holders of GF UnionPay credit card or the use of cloud flashing customers to buy hand-held special drink that is 16 yuan enjoy the price. (Each activity date 1500 list of single-day purchase of two cups, a limited number of first-come-first-served basis) April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018 ...

[Agriculture] National - beautiful upgrade mother credit card star hotel swimming fitness 18 yuan

During the event, the Agricultural Bank beautiful upgrade mother credit card card holders to meet certain consumption conditions can enjoy the nationwide designated 100 high-star hotel Saturday swimming + fitness courtesy, booking four-star hotel to pay 18 yuan, booking five-star The hotel will be charged $ 36. Each hotel is limited to five places per week, first come first served, about once.

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New business card courtesy activities


【Bank】 platinum card brush 6 first year free annual fee

December 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017 (subject to the nuclear card day), the customer for the first time to apply for Bank of Communications Platinum credit card main card, within 45 days after the nuclear card, any consumption accumulated over 6 pen, Annual fee

[Agriculture] Le travel the world - study life "benefits" plan, Agricultural Bank of China Union card "quadruple ceremony"

Charity bank

National discount merchant

Credit card promotion

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  • [Safe] peace brush, food 5 fold

    January 31, 2017 before, every Wednesday, Thursday to Shenzhen area Wo green rotary sushi brush safe credit card single price is full of 100 yuan by 50 yuan, each card is limited only once a day, the highest single discount of 50 yuan , The number is limited, while stocks last, activities and other discounts with the store share.

  • 【Chongqing】 "two people go one free"

    1, during the event every Thursday after 10:00, the customer can make an appointment by telephone this week to participate in business activities buffet "two people free one free" service; 2, each card daily limit discount 1, single restaurant every day before the activities of 40 people, more than the number will not enjoy the event benefits; 3, the customer every time to enjoy a discount, deduct 288 credit card points, if the customer card points is not enough, will not enjoy the event benefits;

  • [People's livelihood] Global Airport Priority Pass Lounge service free of charge

    Minsheng Diamond Credit Card, Air China Unlimited Coupon Card, Centurion Credit Card Cardholder can book free, unlimited access to more than 700 Priority Pass Airport Lounge in more than 400 cities in 120 countries. You only need to show me the exclusive PP (Priority Pass) card sent to you. No matter where you travel, take any airline, choose any class level, you can enjoy the Priority Pass VIP courtesy, easy ...

  • [CITIC] Phoenix Concert CITIC "account +", invite you to experience the reality version of the flight game

    Phoenix Ferry CITIC "Account +" is a CITIC Bank Credit Card Center and China International Airlines Co., Ltd. based on the Phoenix phonics APP to create a digital account, will provide you with a joint credit card application, offline exchange Starbucks or Haagen Dazs and other business interests, Exclusive activities of the one-stop equity services. Successful registration of the account will receive 200 Phoenix philanthropy mileage, as well as the opportunity to receive 5,000 Phoenix infos mileage or RIM0WA suitcase.

  • [People's livelihood] sea Amoy wonderful rebate offer

    Brush people's livelihood credit card consumption, in the six categories of more than 3,500 online business to enjoy up to 12% rebate.

  • [Chongqing] brush Chongqing bank credit card full of 50 yuan by 10 yuan month to enjoy

    1, during the event, I line card holders in the re-100 and the new century supermarket (Chongqing City, all stores, Nanchuan shop, except Dongyuan D7 shop) credit card single transaction amount of 50 yuan to enjoy a 10 yuan discount. Each card is limited to a discount on a first-come, first-served basis. 2, the customer take the initiative to inform the cashier to use my credit card to participate in promotional activities, POS machine automatically identify the cardholder single credit card amount, not cumulative, not to increase, to cardholder first ...

  • [Postal Savings Bank] holding the whole currency card card travel the world, with you to experience multiple courtesy

    Brush the whole currency credit card, free from the airport hard line, eliminating the cumbersome procedures at home will be able to tax rebates, and then enjoy 10% tax rebate reward. Outside the enjoyment of shopping, the territory of easy tax rebates, there are full currency credit card, the whole trip is full of good mood! More than 1,000 international brands, more than 1,000 physical shops, whether at home online shopping or go out ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

  • [Safe] safe credit card exclusive 0 interest rate 0 fee yoga

    From now until August 31, 2017 up to a maximum of 6 0 interest 0 fees phased yoga

  • [CITIC] enjoy the E students

    Small investment, great welfare, the minimum 0.3 yuan per day ultra-low premium, enjoy millions of noble protection, the national insured, widely

  • 【Merchants】 You are responsible for watching the world money to the e loan

    E-loan is a short-term cash credit business for daily interest rates provided to eligible cardholders. No need to deposit without security, you can transfer money through the way, the amount of the maximum amount of up to 300,000, a separate account repayment.

  • 【Construction】 Long card credit card launched "Xin Jingying" education staging products

    In view of the vigorous development of the education and training market, we have introduced the Longjia Credit Card "Xin Jingying" educational products, which can be used for private schools, international schools, language training abroad, MBA / EMBA education and other expenses, the product can provide the longest 48 Period, up to 500,000 yuan of exclusive credit line.

  • [People's livelihood] gold card to enjoy the people's livelihood green green medical services

    China Minsheng Bank credit card center together with the national medical service leader - Beijing Hengjiang Union Technology Co., Ltd. jointly set up livelihood - Hengjiang Health Management Center. The center has been in the country's 32 cities in 50 well-known top three hospitals to open up a medical green channel. Gold Card and above people's livelihood credit card holders can enjoy the expert outpatient registration and inspection inspection booking and other full service package, but also for friends and relatives make an appointment!

  • [Bank of Beijing] cherish the credit record, enjoy a happy life

    Beijing Bank Credit Center launched a nationwide personal credit report online inquiry service, to provide users with accurate and accurate personal credit information.

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