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Agricultural Bank of China TOP5 Credit Card
TOP1 ABC Jinsui QQ joint IC card
ABC Jinsui QQ joint IC card
  • TenPay Express Payment can be happy to scratch 100%...
  • Credit Card Scratch Card 100% Winning
  • Withdrawal of excess repayment free cash withdrawal fee
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TOP2 Anbang owner credit card
Anbang owner credit card
  • Buy Anbang Automobile Insurance up to 35% credit card gold
  • 3 free car rescues throughout the year
  • Specify a channel to purchase car insurance to enjoy a minimum of 15% off...
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TOP3 ABC Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Happy Pleasant Wind Card
ABC Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Happy Pleasant Wind Card
  • Pleasant Goat Co-branded Card Confederation Zone Exchange to Enjoy 7...
  • Pleasant Goat Sport Card Face
  • Redemption Zone Enjoy 25% off
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TOP4 ABC Golden Spike Leisure World Card
ABC Golden Spike Leisure World Card
  • Global consumption 0 currency conversion fee, enjoy the world...
  • Global consumption "0" currency conversion fee
  • Enjoy 5% rewards from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
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TOP5 ABC Golden Harvest Ctrip Travel Card
ABC Golden Harvest Ctrip Travel Card
  • Double-in-one, enjoy Ctrip's various benefits and ...
  • Can book 280 in 134 countries around the world...
  • Enjoy preferential travel products and information services
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  • askThe work unit does not have a fixed phone, how to apply for a credit card


                                                                                    Hello, apply for credit card needs to meet: both ages 18 to 65 and have a stable ability to repay. You can apply for your identity card and related materials that can prove your ability to repay. If the company does not have a fixed line, many banks can also leave a mobile phone number.

  • askAgricultural Bank pos machine there are several?


                                                                                    Applying for UnionPay credit card machine (pos machine) application is simple, quick and convenient: CUP credit card machine handling process conditions: 1. The personal account, the second day of arrival 2,7 to 10 working days within the approval of the installation 3, the fee is lower than About 1% 4. There are several types of credit card machine to choose from: bind phone number...

  • askHow long does it take for ABC ETC credit card review?


                                                                                    One month, the process is as follows: It is necessary to provide the original and copy of the valid ID of the owner and the driving permit (non-car owners must also bring valid ID of the agent). A copy of the copy of the driving permit needs to be copied to the page of the chapter that covers the most recent annual inspection. Fill in a credit card application form, the letter...

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