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Minsheng Bank Hot Application TOP5 Hot credit card
TOP1 Minsheng Standard Credit Card
Minsheng Standard Credit Card
  • Free annual fee for the first year, issued in three seconds
  • Tiantianmin birthday, enjoy daily discounts
  • Enjoy nearly 10,000 merchant discounts nationwide
apply immediately
TOP2 Minsheng car credit card
Minsheng car credit card
  • Enjoy 5% return of gold
  • Tailored for car owners
  • Enjoy the return of the fuel
apply immediately
TOP3 Minsheng Women's UnionPay Standard Card
Minsheng Women's UnionPay Standard Card
  • Double credit for card spending every Thursday
  • Double points double love
  • Excess use
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TOP4 Minsheng in card colorful oil painting version
Minsheng in card colorful oil painting version
  • Merchant discount, double points
  • Cash withdrawal free fee
  • Multi-point day on Saturday and Sunday
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TOP5 Minsheng Huaruntong Joint Credit Card
Minsheng Huaruntong Joint Credit Card
  • First brush supermarket vouchers
  • Accumulated China Resources Link points, points as money spent
  • First brush to China Resources Vanguard, ole supermarket vouchers
apply immediately
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  • askMinsheng Bank Credit Card must be signed, how long will it be issued?


                                                                                    The key points in the credit card review that take only a few days to approve: The normal review period is 10 working days. It takes about 10 working days from the receipt of the applicant's information to the completion of the review of the information. If you receive a phone call during this period, your audit results will be available soon...

  • askHow to handle the luxury platinum card of Minsheng Bank, what is the quota of Platinum Card?


                                                                                    Luxury Platinum Card quota: 100,000-200,000 Application conditions: Have work, stable income, good credit, a certain social status, annual income of 180,000, provincial-level units or middle-level management of high-quality industries, with housing or cars, worth 1.2 million, can apply for luxury platinum cards. Run the people...

  • askDoes Minsheng Bank have an age limit for credit cards, can it be 58 years old?


                                                                                    Generally speaking, it is ok, as long as you have a certain repayment ability. First, credit card application conditions: 1. At least 18 years of age; ...

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