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Construction Bank Hot Application TOP5 Hot credit card
TOP1 CCB Zhiyinlong Card
CCB Zhiyinlong Card
  • Free foreign exchange handling fee, points 15 to 1...
  • Construction Bank Zhiyinlong Card enjoys premium mileage redemption
  • Construction Bank Zhiyinlong Card gives high insurance
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TOP2 CCB World Travel IC Credit Card
CCB World Travel IC Credit Card
  • Rich travel fund
  • Rich travel fund
  • Double integral feedback
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TOP3 CCB My Love Card
CCB My Love Card
  • Personally design credit card face
  • DIY production, record true love
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TOP4 CCB Dragon Card Global Payment Credit Card
CCB Dragon Card Global Payment Credit Card
  • Free foreign exchange fee
  • CCB Longka Global Payment Credit Card enjoys overseas...
  • Construction Bank Standard Platinum Card for High Insurance
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TOP5 CCB Barbie Beautiful Credit Card
CCB Barbie Beautiful Credit Card
  • Double points for every Saturday, free to enjoy the most...
  • Construction Bank Barbie Beautiful Credit Card enjoys Saturday double...
  • Construction Bank Barbie beautiful credit card gift high amount of insurance...
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  • askHow to amend the transfer limit of CCB?


                                                                                    The revised method for the transfer bank mobile phone bank transfer limit, the transfer payment limit of the construction bank mobile phone online banking is only 50,000 yuan, and the total amount is 100,000 yuan. The opening of the SMS verification service can increase the transfer amount. The opening method is as follows: 1. Log in to the CCB website, then click Personal Internet Banking to log in...

  • askWhen is the repayment date of China Construction Bank credit card, generally set in the number?


                                                                                    CCB's credit card repayment date calculation is very simple, you can refer to it. When the CCB credit card has a refund, the time is 5 days. That is, repayments within 5 days after the due date of repayment are considered as repayment on time. For example, the due date for repayment is No. 10, as long as the repayment is credited before the 15th, it is accurate...

  • askWhat if the CCB card password is forgotten?


                                                                                    Bank card password forgot 1. If you remember a few passwords, if you are not sure which one, you can go to the ATM to try it one by one, of course, if your bank card has not been locked. If the password is entered incorrectly three times, the bank card will be automatically locked, so you can only try twice a day...

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