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TOP1 Citi gift card
Citi gift card
  • 5 times a year to enjoy dining points, department store consumption 3 ...
  • Enjoy dining consumption throughout the year 5X points, department store clothing ...
  • Redeem all kinds of gifts, coupons, discount arrived ...
  • Foreign investment starting
  • Multi-point integration
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TOP2 Citi Ritual Card
Citi Ritual Card
  • More than 80+ airline miles are redeemed worldwide
  • More than 80 Airline Division routes worldwide exchange
  • Redeem hotel partner points
  • Foreign investment starting
  • Redeem mileage
  • Airport lounge
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  • askWill the amount of Citigroup platinum card?


                                                                                    Credit lines generally need to be calculated based on your personal application conditions, depending on the bank's rating and approval lines.

  • askWill the amount of Platinum card Citigroup is how much?


                                                                                    Hello, Citigroup Platinum card minimum amount of 50,000 minimum, not capped, but according to your personal qualifications may be.

  • askCitibank credit card is currently the maximum amount is?


                                                                                    Hello, bank credit card level approval generally Puka 3000-8000 yuan, gold card 8000-50000 yuan, Platinum card more than 50,000, but the specific circumstances based on your financial resources to provide proof of personal credit information and other information And set.

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